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tv   Planning Commission 5516  SFGTV  May 6, 2016 8:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> good evening and welcome to the planning commission for oh, a little bit of a little bit of february for monday, may 2, 2016, any kind. proceedings. and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. time. commissioner president fong commissioner vice president richards commissioner antonini
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commissioner moore and commissioner wu we do expect commissioner hillis and commissioner johnson to arrive somewhat today apologizes for the feedback i don't know what is is from might be sfgovtv can you help me out commissioners, that places you under your is proposed for issuance and still no items proposed for continuance so we'll move on into commission matters number one for the draft minutes of closed session and the regular hearing. >> i have no speaker cards. >> okay any public comment on this item? i don't see any public comment is closed. >> commissioner moore and so moved. >> to adopt the minutes for
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april 21st commissioner antonini commissioner moore commissioner wu commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 5 to zero and places on item 2 commissioner questions or comments. >> commissioner antonini. >> thank you a little bit of a followup last week he talked about the book i'm reading this is instructive about the mission and the period i talked about last week was more the early period from the earthquake to 19 thirty where the district was probably viewed as one of the best in the city the home of 3 mayors you know had influence beyond just san francisco statewide but when the depreciation came the private money drill down dried-up and things happened directing your attention 19 to that added to problems we deal with today, the first was economic downturn and there was this private activity
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to increase thepnea new deal the federal housing authority and the loan corporation is lentd money to people and they rated the neighborhood by corresponds from green, blue, yellow and red depending on the desirability the factors into desirability has nothing to do with with ethnic content but mixed use it was viewed as something undesirable so even the least desirable the red areas were good morning, and welcome to the regular meeting of the loans from bank of america via the federal agencies but straurl enough most of the mission district that was largely housing not zoned at all it had no designation because they felt because there was some industrial use not an area they
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could get loans so some of the housing that can be having renovated during 19 thirty to 50 was not upgraded because there wasn't any money available and another thing that happened i think shaped the neighborhood in a negative way the building of freeways like the bayshore that was not necessarily desirable for housing and they encourage more industrial use and less housing they saw it as a perfect path for the bayshore freeway between the mission and potrero hill and a plan to put a mission freeway the author said valencia we believe that was guerrero but it was defeated and the bayshore was built those were factors i think influenced the area even today because of those
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particular governmental actions from the 30s and 1950s we all see the effect of the freeways and the way that neighborhoods have become much more vitally and after the appraise are gone there's not much hope of getting rid of the bayshore freeway but the other thing those issues created was greater proximity of pdr uses and housing uses where you might not expect them to be the encouragement to build industrial and not to renovate or build new hours an interesting book i encourage you to read it the final section i'm reading right now thank you. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> one thing i want to mention in the new york times on tuesday
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the first in the oral climate russians off the coast of louisiana called charles the article talks about by 50 we have climate russians the challenges with trying to relocation 50 people how to relocate an cyber community or how does it relax to the environment and the new location for those people that are on climatic change go on the math and read the article 195590 percent of this area is sub merged underwater from the maps in the 40s the landmass submerged it larger than the state of delaware it is actually incredibly a large
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landmass by 2022 the largest russians arriving in the united states commissioners, if there's nothing further, we'll move on to departmental matters. >> good afternoon, commissioners one announcement i want to take a moment to thanks chelsea for finalizing a challenging document that was the existing memo from the academy of arts this memo is essentially dir without being on eir with the other reports that caught after a difficult struggle in bringing it to completion to thank you to chelsea thank you. >> commissioner vice president richards and i forgot to mention for he everything watching in the audience i wanted to wish rodney a happy birthday yes welcome to the other side of
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life. >> happy to be on the other side. >> commissioners item 4 review of the past event of board of supervisors and the historic preservation commission there was no board of appeals. >> commissioners monique mohan happy to present the land use committee this week supervisor kim introduced the permitting accessory uses of conditional use permit and north of market the special use district district this proposed to allow the massage used for the personal services in the north of math this only permits the manuals to hospitals and arrange and care facilities on march 2016 the commission heard this proposed ordinances and after a brief vote to adopt it to remedy the ordinance to the board of
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supervisors. >> on may 2nd the land use committee heard the ordinance and public comment was overwhelmingly in support and the members of the public talked about the outreach in the neighborhood and to this issuance and supervisor peskin moved to recommend 9 ordinance with the passing of 3 to zero for the board of supervisors. >> the proposed affordable housing issuance and fee requirement passed on the second reading also the landmark designation of 92 passed anonymously on the first read and worn by supervisor avalos for the wireless telecommunications facility this issuance set a number of things to amend the planning code with the wireless 12 communication or w t s creating a cu for a variety of other things and it is on its thirty day hold
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that's all the activities for the week. >> thank you game-changer commissioners tim frye to share a few things from the historic preservation commission we began with a legacy business registry shared a draft template that occupies koipdz whether regular businesses quality for the registry before their final hearing and small business commission the representatives from supervisor peskin and supervisor campos office were in attendance and expressed their grooved for the inspection c participation and we anticipate the first banish of applications will head to the planning department in the next week or so and we
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anticipate the first hearing before the hpc in june which is the first wednesday in june the regular calendar began with the commission first hearing on the african-american citywide historic statement after the staff presentation there were a number of members of the public that requested a continuance citing the document southwesterly direction underway and positive document, however, more information should be provided to fill a few holes in the overall story of african-american contributions within san francisco the department and the commission agreed that a continuance would - would be supported and we are going to do continue to work with the community to aid those questions they have and then bring the final document back to 9 full commission in october of this year. >> following that the commission
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provided an unanimous support for the landmark designation for the presbyterian church it is significant is a great work of mass architect and it was constructed in 19 if the entire is significant the collage because it is significant and was created by pastor reverend brown roland to talk about the accomplishments of african-american within the neighborhood the initiation will get a second xhichls and we anticipate that in june and finally the commission also unanimously supported and an initiation to an existing landmark that the 180 the building the morris gift
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shop to designate the exterior as well as the interior currently the building is landmarked and only the exterior was designated in the early san jose we know the building recently changed hands and the landmark designation on the entire building we anticipate the confirmation of that designation heard in june for a full board hearing sometime in july so that concludes my comments. >> commissioner moore. >> i want to congratulate you picked up did interior because this is the much, however, status eve who is involved is not ever disclosed i couldn't be happier in the building featured as the building to visit when t you come to san francisco thanks. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further, we'll move on to to general public comment not
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to exceed 15 minutes at this time, members of the public may address the commission to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when the item is reached in the meeting. each member of the public may address the commission up to three minutes. i did have one speaker card. >> georgia swedish. >> happy birthday was my son's birthday yes e yesterday and audrey hepburn you're in good company i wanted to read you something under the real estate section the bay area news group if you're backyard beckons when temperature and the next construction or remodeling outside kitchens bring color and style and design to our backyard
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landscape and add a fully functional with backyard or post family or large groups creating a work zone lets you keep tabs on the fun by bringing the same conveniences of interior kitchens outside you can city in stay in the middle while serving meals blah, blah, blah that's my problem it is happening in san francisco and it is also happening with the trend of development in rear yard open space what does that mean less nature in our backyard and loss of trees and multi level patios for room like effects and kitchens and pits are the prominent features sustainability and rainwater fund into the storm drain due to
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non-natural ground covers and fences created a detached to the rh2 effect so here's a few works overhead please this one is not bad necessary kept the trees but this is the one that got me in noah valley is that is it a two unit building here's one you can see what they did it is nice they kept the trees the ground cover is not bad i have is personal experience but with that going on near me overhead again in guess the oldest backyard as you can see kind of the triple san francisco path with the middle and the trees one of the one hundred year old trees this is it now right there
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same thing they put up a little bit of bamboo between the 10 foot fences as you can see it is all cement so that's my point i think that is this issue of evacuation i'll get into that later this is something for the minutes as i deal with the residential design guidelines being revised it is something that is important for the staff and you to look at thank you very much. >> good afternoon, commissioners i was just going to mention in general public comment 1484 post i live by it in geary they filed their paperwork in 2005 this is over 4 thousand days ago it is approximately is three hundred and 50 foot tower identical versus the 200 and 50 foot zoned
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it is going on for so along the skwaudz u sequoias put a plan in place for a 200 and 50 foot tower versus a three hundred of a the planning commission really needs to help expedite the fact with the planning department to get this to happy it looks bad and the rents are high $4,000 a month for one bedroom he can stay other plays places we need to get those buildings built with affordable housing just like the fulsome building one 60 fulsome a negotiation for a 4040 percent negotiation for an extra one hundred feet i want to bring that up 1481 post maybe you guys
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can do something about that any is there any additional public comment? >> general public comment next item, please. >> commissioners that places us under our regular 5 the mission informationa update. >> good afternoon, commissioners and happy birthday
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commissioner president fong it was my birthday yesterday. >> claude just planning department staff i'm here joined with some colleagues deanna in the office of economic workforce development and kevin from the mayor's office of economic workforce development and from the mission sro collaborate with another community representatives maybe seated in the it is the duty u audience work on the map 2020 here to give you an update on the progress this is an all of today's presentation first go over the background and why and i'll talk about the map 2020 it is today and an official overview of the draft solution and i'm going to turn it over to to my colleague to talk about the background.
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>> hi good afternoon as claude why a mind i'm in the mission collaborative so many of you are aware the crisis in the hearing about the interim controls so you know about the numbers and stories so i'm only going to touch on a few and begin with the affordability and displacement so the numbers you see on the screen as well as the presentation you have speak to the trend which has made map 2020 an initiative a necessity to end in 2014 alone the mission seen 6 hundred and 50 moderate household leave all the losses and the increase in those over 200 percent of area medium in 2010 to intuitively approximately over sorry yeah 11 hundred latinos have left the
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neighborhood and since then the numbers are definitely increased and as you can see on the eviction notices issued as well as the homeless count that occurred in 2013 and here you can see a graph that is talking about the loss of low to moderate income in the mission as you can see the last loss it happening in the mission in san francisco as a whole this next graph is about the evictions i've mentioned there are wolfed continue 2010 a100 p and 2013
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this is the no-fault evictions we still see them in our offices and many offices every single day and this is a big deal that helps increase the crisis we're seeing on the ground so next we'll talk about sros so in divorcing a loss to the residential hotel through conversion through unit by unit conversion try to evict folks old folks additional bring in new folks that pay between $50,600 a more per month sros are 11 to one thousand dollars a month for you know how it is operated this is a a lot of money for a 10 by 10 room some
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of the more spacial ones so we're also egress o seeing that over the area and seeing when we have large market-rate developments more specifically 1979 mission the sros have a selling market-rate development is clean power the community and exempted by the clean up of the plaza initiative that was initiate by the 1979 project. >> so next we'll talk about affordable housing prospects in need so here the audible between 2009 and 2014 the produced in affordable housing and market-rate from 2009 and 2014 the affordable was less than
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half 40 percent of total when the need for affordable was closed to 60 percent according to the housing element the greatest concern the pipeline the 2000 units even if you add do 100 percent that is thirty percent affordable so 20 percent a world are included in the number that is below meeting the prop k that is 434 percent and because the community has pushed for more affordable units34 percent and community has pushed for more affordable units that hiring we're doing better than last year still not enough to address the need and everyone needs to we need to intact
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rent-controlled units and other means so you've heard nonprofits will being displaced some of the reasons are because of short-term or lease their droubl u double and triple the rents it is difficult for places to survive in this type of environment we've seen changes of use from general retail and beverage establishment the ones that accompany are restaurant and cafes and it is also, if you go down veiling it is much worse on valencia an mission street that is important businesses are an interval separate part of community people are invested
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their livelihood into those neighborhoods serving businesses next i'll talk about loss of blue-collar businesses so we've heard you know the conversions of pdr and the pace of loss of pdr outside of pdr zones has been faster than anticipating while the demand for pdr has grown so the last slide is the community response to this crisis now i'm familiar that all of you are keenly aware how the community respond from one of our meeting to meet the community outside so you know we've done things came to city hall and tried to express our frustration and held hours and hours of public comment to express our frustration and gone to the board of supervisors with
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8 hours of public comment and so the responses is very clear; right? that the people that are being most effected are unhappy it is the mission today, we are organizing on multi fronts not just organizing and education on the community as well so one thing i want to assure that we talk often about the numbers but it is also those numbers represent people and represent household and families and they represent people that have lived here they are whole lives and built community here who no longer see a future for them and their kids in the mission the neighborhood they grew up in let alone the city that drives the response from the community side so from that, we ask the department to work on solutions that's how 2020 came about i'm
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going to turn it over to to claude i didn't to update you on t 2020. >> we came together to work on map 2020 an action plan not a document that sits on a shelf identified the legislation and many ideas to make as many of the strategies happen as soon as possible the goal of map 2020 so is it targeting to stabilize low and moderate tenants as well as the small businesses these are the map 2020 objectives we worked on the specific solutions we've crafted one or two to craft the 2020
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goal i'd like to spent a lot of time on process because through this effort we'll built on a past effort to establish more collaboration we work on the mission area plan in the eastern neighborhoods the community-based organizations responded with their own plan the people plan and map 2020 is that plan we've been trying to build on that that calls for greater affordability and maintaining a difference neighborhood we've been taking those plans to see what the will anticipated in light of the revision and what is the missing given the economic realty beyond collaboratively on the products we focus on a different process for community planning we established working group with a city we have into custody life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in open communication to understand each party community-based organizations
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and other actresses need in this and most importantly we're commit to work to stabilize the neighborhood and acknowledge the equity and a pain on the most vulnerable through map 2020 focus on the sore economic issue and the traditional planning these are the working groups we've brainstormed with the collaboration everything from tenant protection to community planning at the top of the list things like producing for housing and acquiring rent-controlled unit homer horticulturalist is a greater investment so tenant protections as well as some the stabilization in the economic development and nonprofits are more immediate programs to be scaled up faster and delivered
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faster over the last year and a half we've balanced the crisis which cheetah stated is gal vince the - but also that allows us to include others stakeholders to balance those are issues that have been implemented while we work on the plan and process map 2020 is not taking credited for all of these my time community and but map 2020 encourages in solutions you such did neighborhood legislation designated fund for the mission, also 15 most interim controls adopted and others related to small businesses.
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>> as far as community outreach we had different activities and events to make sure we engage those by who will be responsible for implementing the solutions and gather input from other interested members of the public and organizations the working group has experts for example, the tenantss provided organizations and were not formally part of map 2020 we held focus groups like the sro resident and still doing presentations at groups that requested them we have having affordable housing another meeting and two meetings including one last month we asked for community priorities for implementation these are the community priorities from the implementation in the last meeting definite at the top of the list for the
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rent-controlled units and combaebl but those are long-term and capital doesn't even strategies also at the top of list were other things like supportive services for stabilizing tenants and protection of homeless and counseling with legals recommendation lease negotiation and assistance for arts and nonprofits adapted, as well as promoting community uses and development in childcare at the top of list especially amongst the latinos and lastly in terms of community planning definitely is community education and increasing the community participation in the review projects. >> so the handout i passed out
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is a set of draft solutions we presented at the meeting we are completing the outreach and focus groups the plan is it continue a revised updated version that he with wanted to provide you this so you can see the solutions we're analyzing and everything from zoning to programs which is community education as you can see isn't housetop and the screen the four solutions are helping us to organize information and how long the solution takes and who is the lead open which item and the impact as well as on the information with the legal and financial and other concerns many of the ideas stem if the community from the community in april of last year i'm going to turn it over to my
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colleague to talk about a couple of the slides. >> okay. so on this we're finalizing our solution this month you see the timeline we will sunday you a revised plan in advance our second informational hearing and also pull our final community meeting in mid-and late june to finalize the broad strategies to move to accounting the details in keeping up with the environmental review, etc. to move forward with the implementation. >> some key dates that were mentioned earlier at the planning commission and events for broader public input for organizations upon request we've gone to them and going out to
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different community groups and presenting this process to them. >> okay with that, this concludes the presentation from the planning department and the community side and if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer them opening up for public comment one speaker card jay scott. >> so i think we what strikes me that is a pretty unique initiative that map 2020 program one that i think everybody who participated should be proud of with the involvement of participation by numerous governmental agencies mayor's office of housing office of economic workforce development and planning and representatives from the mayor's office, i want to acknowledge the hours that have been devoted
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by members of the planning department including director rahaim it also involved the obligation by the community stakeholders individuals and agencies who are involved in the community and the fact of this engagement i think that significant i don't know how often that has happened this at that level one thing i learned how bureaucracies work and don't work i understand they're necessary institution and i appreciate the - efforts that members of the various governmental agencies have made to look for ways to help to stabilize the mission community unfortunately, the getting to this point is slow and
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incremental process the issues are not particularly big but if you put them together custom 86 and successfully under control this will help to stabilize the community we can't rectify years of decades of destabilization with bone plan taken one year especially the destabilize forces that causes problems in the first place are still at work and especially, when we've seen the level of development this is set in the mission in the pipeline so i want it emphasis that it is important that we continue to follow through with the this engagement but a lot more this needs to be done we have to continue the conversation and the engagement and to continue and follow-up with the
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initiatives we've started and initiate new initiatives thank you. >> is there any additional public comment? >> okay not seeing any, public comment is closed. director rahaim. >> thank you, commissioners a few comments on this first wanted to thank the planning department staff if office of economic workforce development and oewd and all the community members that have been involved truly a joint effort i think an unique one and one that i find extraordinary valuable and i have found it an incredible learning curve and an incredible process and appreciate the dialogue that is happening i think the interesting thing that you're seeing the primary goal to stabilize the neighborhood recognizing that the neighborhood is going to grow and change and the issue is how you can do both
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our colleagues in the tenderloin like to call that development without displacement a good phrase i think that is exactly the goal we have here to try to the greatest stent within our power to create a situation where you can have now new residents while not sdrech the fabric of the neighborhood that's the goal what you see on the spreadsheet some of them are planning code and many are not implementing 0 these will be the responsibility of a number of different agencies and after we present the final package to you we'll work on how to produce its which ones for require a ceqa review and the planning code legislation will other aspects of this will be implemented in a
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short-term and not requiring major investment a package of activities that many agencies and members of the public will be challenged with moving forward so our goal to get this package in front of in june so we move more rovbt into the implementation phase later this fall and recognizing not everything what happen at once but set the priorities thanks. >> thank you commissioner antonini. >> thank you. i completely agree with director rahaim i think that stabilization important but doesn't freeze in time i mean the mission i've adu loud and clear allowed to has seen many changes over the years and has had almost every neighborhood in san francisco changes in ethnicity and the
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challenges of the buildings and make sure we protect those who wish to stay within the neighborhood while allowing change to our in a positive way a couple of thoughts one comment about the projected totals will create only thirty percent affordable, however, that could be considering hire in the prop c passes and that could be higher because of that legislation also, we have a number of sites particularly 490 south van ness that is slated 100 percent and land designation sites if we participate with the mayor's office and obtain fund from larger projects that are creating million dollars in affordable housing we can build more affordable housing by partnering with projects that are doing in lui fees for the
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possibility of those sites are that are debated by the mayor's office the other thing not mentioned very important is preservation and this is for decades of no renovation of older structures those are historic we need to keep those structures but need to be upgraded so we have to figure out a way to incentivize owners to renovate, upgrade them and keeping them affordable or creating a number of affordable units in the same neighborhoods the best solution you have a new renovated unit that is completely save and save more affordable housing so you've kept the same amount of housing that is affordable or maybe even more and created some market-rate housing so take care of some of the demands and also
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i think this pdr you have to police this this something we can't do the city has to police the situations where pdr uses are being illegally converted and make sure that when uses are changed that the pdr is either maintained, moved nearby or to another part of san francisco there's ways this can be done so those are some of my comments on what i've seen and it has a lot of potential reis to keep on working. >> commissioner moore. >> it is the best response and thank you, everybody for the collaboration to come up with corruptive ways to stabilize the situation we have many meetings with hundreds and hundreds of people soda in long lines talking about the dire
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emergencies and the situations as it views flaefts under our watch and being able to participate something that happening i've not seen before either it is hands on and immediate i like about it it speaks about the mature work efforts to work for change and create change based purpose and common goals how that will play itself out we need to be prepared there will be controversy and opinions but we have a framework by which we'll resiliently rely on the community process that has showing so many specs aspects that each much us can relate to particularly a sobering experience that morning, i want to share but i was waiting for a mason to make an estimate of a
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stonewall in front of any building the meeting was at 9 he showed up at 910 and severely apologized for being late where you, you coupling he said i used to live in the mission i live in trashing and left at 5:30 the meeting was at 9 i let it stand in the room and speaks for itself we've more qualified valuable people that have participated in a encourages city far, far away that still work here but a very, very long and unproductive commute to symsee someone to make an estimate on a job. >> commissioner johnson. >> commissioner moore i see that connects to the previous meeting with the avenue we have to have solutions that don't
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involve people in san francisco that have to drive two or three hours away it is good to see something on paper i appreciate the effort of lking at it into guess varies prospective not just housing but arts and cultural that is going to be the key in sharing that note that we keep the present folks in their housing and maintaining the community as a much as we can but the future to have continue to have go viability and care those are the two separate things i'll keep my comments short the only thing that is informational and eventually when this comes to us for action in june is more substantive i'm familiar with the types of programs and a lot of them are
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sponsored by the city and exist this is a way we're packaging them in a way that it is targeted efforts in the neighborhoods many of the efforts especially office of economic workforce development development exist i'm looking for tenants protection and affordable housing way for focusing on the tenant protection it is a great i'll put it this way platitude to see we'll figure out the mechanisms that keeps people in their homes not only for short-term rentals but another ways and preventing evictions but because of the way the rules are written on the books we've had discussions in the past and we've gotten feedback from staff and others for some areas little we can do for example, if you looked at owner move-ins there's little we
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can do there so is we're going to try to figure out mechanisms have to protect the tenants in place that didn't tell me anything how we'll actually move forward and i think that there's definitely going to be helpful we start getting real about we can and cannot do and what will it take to change that that need to change the laws or some other changes i'm not advocating for anything at this time but want to say when i read through the allows of potential efforts for the tenants protection there were a lot of things nominated off that sound great but at this point based my understanding thought how things a lot look in san francisco there isn't an immediate solution i want to say
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more around that and more affordable housing i noticed i don't know if it is i'm reading it off or is that on mission but there has been a great effort in the past couple of years in san francisco to work on rapid rehousing for the programs where people are evicted or otherwise daptsd sometimes vibrations are not the only way but programs to get them into housing within the boundary of the city what i saw again a lot of efforts around maintaining rent-controlled units and small site programs acquiring rent-controlled units and looking at another was but i did not see a displacement how will you get someone in a unit
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while you provide them legal support while you figure out what the next step is i think there is rapid rehousing effort that are considered by the city i'd like to see these defined here appreciate the efforts to date and look forward to seeing more in the future. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> hats off to the director and the leadership and hats off to mr. emission flores and those who participated a huge step forward something that came together fairly quickly in city speak since i've been on the commission a couple of things i don't want to cover ground that is covered by commissioner antonini had a point i see we probably need to add building code issues no strategy around building code issues we all know the best housing that we have stabilize it the existing housing cannot
8:53 pm
have it in mission suffers from a lot of fires lastly that was the park commission meeting a week or two ago i want to see something and my neighborhood in the san jose they were fires up at the other neighborhood it was called a federally assisted code enforcement and people that owned the buildings at a reasonable rate from the frig to bring your buildings up to code i was one of these when i bout my house i pulled the background data it is exactly what it is my building had a lot of issues and brought up to code in 1970 and thank god it is still standing a couple of things to commissioner johnson point and whoever it listening a good enforcement mechanism around
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evictions i cowboy come back and said to my tenants did you get ours 55 hundred bucks do you know who is living in the unit is the sister-in-law she said, "no. >> have you driven by she said, "no once someone is evicted 2000 no-fault evictions non-nobody folds on a short-term rental registry or offered for sale is it vacant a friend of mine o m ied for grandmother he's on the three story and the grandmother is in here 90s i'm looking for a craft thing on the banister or up the steps you're going to move a 90 years old woman there is no elevator so those are the kinds of things i see and for people good the good
8:55 pm
faith evictions the law is on your side or otherwise we're coming after you, we don't have an enforcement and lastly i'd like to see commissioner johnson point quantify what is it what hard measures for fielded measures and really come back and let us know periodically the impacts i'd like to hear in the next hearing before we send this off for implementation what are the measures we'll be looking for the baseline or see if we're performing better against what is happening we also forgot to go back and measure. >> do all this work up front in the plans thanks. >> commissioner wu. >> thank you i would support that last point around making sure we have the baseline data and we're
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measuring the change you know which way you're making process i want to thank claudia and director this is really important example of need spaced mr. haney we've been talking about an example of issues maybe the prospective of who the client is for the planning department and really make sure we're putting the neighborhoods and the public first a model how we should do all our planning work we're not going to totally flip i think our structure around things like area plans but whatever we can infuse of this fraction of working with community members and coming up with a list of programs or issues that need to be addressed, however, that will be infused into the area planning makes the work stronger. >> director rahaim.
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>> thanks one comment bans commissioner johnsons comments you're right not a lot of feedback by the way, a longer spreadsheet with specific strategies some of which we know don't know if their legal and want to explore the options you'll see the suspects very specific that will address. >> commissioner vice president richards one other point that commissioner wu made we'll have invested neighborhoods track work track i think that is kind of a model for that that is a lot more detail because there is a different situation but, however, we implement that that is a good guidepost with the
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other things will be good idea the affordable housing bonus program we let the community develop a solution within the boundary they need to deliver that is a good thing and tie that into the invested neighborhoods and commissioner johnson. >> thank you very much thank you director rahaim for that dlaeb i would actually ask if we could get that spreadsheet if possible and i'll give an example like the types of things for example, into affordable housing putting in some sort of system the first right of refusal on a building that sounds like fantastic except for the value of the buildings today even if the tenants came together the tenants will not be able to food it but if we have other resources to bear in support of
8:59 pm
tenants in buying a building or poornz with nonprofit that that's a level that be we're looking for not just saying we'll allow tenants the first right of refusal and good luck if you can buy the building that's great i want to see that for an informational hearing thank you. >> commissioner moore. >> i want to encourage us the mission 2020 plan has a line in the sand of the boundary the issues are on both sides they reach the community in all directions and looking for solutions i'm sure the malice on the sideline we need to take the spirit of what is taunted talked about and not just create another line in the sand.
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>> okay. he think that concludes the commissioners questions or comments and looking forward to the next update. >> the strategy the informational presentation. >> good afternoon, commissioners josh with the planning department staff i'll kickoff that item if i get those slides up
9:01 pm
we're here last week with the other item think outside the box plan bay area with the key elements of our 5 year citywide work program that delta dealt with one of the initiatives bridging the bay we'll talk about an item that hinges on the other 5 initiatives in the next generations southeast san francisco to address the 4 key champs we've identified for san francisco and exclusivity and resiliency and replacement the long term planning with the rapid based initiatives one of them is we call the next generation san francisco shaping and connecting the growth of southeast sf this quadrant of the city that stretches in south of market the mission and triple a square to the county line at visitacion
9:02 pm
valley we'll see up to twaurdz of the growth in the next thirty years a lot of things have happened in the neighborhood of the city you dealt with a lot of them and continue to work on the planning implementation of the additional plans including central soma and a couple of stovp but as part of charge to more diligently work with other agencies outside the bond of the plans to make sure the sum is greater than the parts as part of that initiative we've envisioned the southeast framework to see how to best integrate those and improve the quality of life the range of issues we hope to proclaim open space and public facilities and housing and jobs
9:03 pm
and transportation we intend to conduct those and work with other agencies to do so and see where there are gaps in the service and the work with the relative agencies to fill the gaps we're getting off the ground but the serial number bay focuses on the broader southeast the major developments for the industrial waterfront on the southeast part of city and the planning department is working with the interagency group one to help us to to the negotiations and the public benefits for the plans that are currently taking shall happen and second the ongoing implements of the areas there are many ongoing central waterfront plan and to use it as an combaurt so with that, i'm going to turn it over to of the
9:04 pm
office of economic workforce development to talk about that. >> good afternoon, commissioners ken with oewd we're pleased to give you this report on an effort that has been justice tait that's the first time i've used this is a large development proposed in the areas of city we called the southern bay front so let's set context and step back we suggest you on about the waterfront in the 4 zones moving clieksz those are rec and park ownership for the marina and you'll see little
9:05 pm
change in the future the third shown in blue we think of when we imagine the san francisco waterfront in all likelihood this sdwoen will see limited changes in the future with the last zone no yellow stretching in south of the at&t park all but way to the southern border that is the part of waterfront with the most change we firmly believe that most ourers welcome the idea of change soltice it to the benefit of surrounding neighborhoods the remainder of the presentation focuses on changes of the city in the right way so if we limo on the yellow area of the southern bay front the key point this is a place where people live and work but at the same time the part of city that will see the most growth in residential and commercial
9:06 pm
growth how we manage for the good of the city and the good of the adjacent neighborhoods so the fact this is sort of an unusual situation we find ourselves in advance most of large-scale developments in the southern bay front is on the horizon in some form in prelims like candle stick in the middle of pier 70 you're the giants mission rock or in the early stages the process as much as indiana baseline or pg&e power site the other interesting site all the development will come from a negotiated development agreement you've seen rather than a straight off the shelf sdiementsz process just to underscore the portions of that, please look at the compelling statistics we'll see 20 thousand
9:07 pm
housing units created 6 seven hundred 33 percentage will be affordable and 35 new jobs of various kinds and a staggering finger of one hundred and 20 new acres of open space sizzling all the open space in the for seeable future so a- it this kind of brings out on the genie not as easy to see bring out the 5 large proposed budget still to be approved and all of these are seeking to transformer formally industrial land into new open space housing and commercial activities so there is a lot of value westbound converted while those investments are beneficial for the city we are focus on claiming that additional value and rezoning and the character
9:08 pm
and remaining that for the residents and neighborhoods all of these projects will be coming to the commission and to the board of supervisors as i mentioned as negotiated development within the next couple of years sorry 2011 and a little bit of 2018 we're proposing and going to outline in the rest of the presentation a framework for those projects as we negotiate benefits around those projects as much as for transportation, open space and affordable we wanted to be helping as a whole and not bringing them in front of the you as one each we look at in a volume so go through and how we envisioned how we put that framework together i'll have any colleague continue the presentation. >> hi, i'm - as ken mentioned
9:09 pm
and discussed this negotiation framework will cooperate the investment in the projects we really want to focus on investing into a number of key areas circle on the bottom of the slide and those lead into more detail so affordable housing first and foremost a critical area to direct the investment and achieve 33 percent of affordability as ken said this is executives over 66 seven hundred new units this is the local resident 24r09 reference program meaning 43 percent of those unite will be available and will have a huge impact. >> on sea level rise as this commission that aware this city is protecting vulnerable culminate with sea level rise this map was taken from the
9:10 pm
adaptation plan you heard maybe a 41 few months ago we'll play a collaborative role and have a large portion of this shoreline but they'll also plan for long term adaptation strategy and bolster and the city will lead the effort for the citywide protection an immediate improvement with the vulnerability zone and long term improvements with those projects on transportation transportation investment all are aware the critical component of existing and future residents of the southern bay plan the city is working with the demand with a host of new projects online as early as next year in this slide you see the picture it is a little bit hard to read the
9:11 pm
labldz we have light rail expansion on the t third and the openly of central subway and caltrans electrification and new and improved bus lines and transportation improvements for this area looking at the next decade we have key connections with with caltrain and an extension both electrician and the addition of ferry transportation so putting these all altogether into one picture there's a huge mulch of the investment in transportation and looking at the purple areas the long term efforts when you add those in the long-term picture like the transbay capacity this is the general picture of the investment we can expect to our
9:12 pm
♪ district how does the projects fit in we would like to collaborative with those developments to channel their transportation obligations together so they can have a large collective impact than individually for example, we want to focus those investments in local neighborhood infrastructure and that's especially important for projects that are directly adjacent to one another for example, the pier 70 and the n r g that share a bored why not cooperate those bike path improvements to create a host of improved streetscape for that neighborhood, and, secondly, we can or want to enhance the transit operations an example adding to the light rail fleet helpful to serve on the t third and finally think about how those projects contribute and
9:13 pm
play into that planning for the future second transbay two people have been discussing come in an alignment that directly impacts the projects >> i'd like to mention that a lot of the focused areas were informed by the easier by the waterfront assessment that concluded last year an analytical process to improve on the transportation picture. >> open space proposed project will be cooperated in such a way the open space streaming will promote a process we want to make sure the open spaces are direct public connection from communities to the open spaces and to the new waterfront for public open spaces provided and
9:14 pm
make sure that the new public waterfront are physically connected where possible or linked through the freeway network and finally we want to insure that all of the open spaces have a strategies as the public utilities those open spaces they see that as a broad network rather than individual spaces this is a huge impact those projects have the potential to provide over 5 hundred and 20 acres of new open space and half the size of the parks this part of the city has not seen a lot of open space especially the waterfront open space. >> on sustainability we want our projects to be projects that achieve a high left of environmental sustainability we want to make sure they're using
9:15 pm
new technologies to implement resources saving resources and those can provide long term environmental improvements since those are master plans they have the opportunity to push the envelope and think on a large scale josh briefly mentioned the community facilities with the growth of any community and the city is analyzing resident access to public safety and others facilities to understand how they're able to assess those and to allow the city improvements as needed in the long term and finally workforce development they make candidates in the professional fields in close partnership with oewd and additionally as ken mentioned 35
9:16 pm
thousand new jobs to a difference employment opportunity with the office pdr and office uses those are the key areas of focus i'm going to turn it over to to my colleague mike for the remainder of the presentation. >> good afternoon, commissioners michael martin with the office of economic workforce development i'll close this with a tactical sum greater than some other parts as well a quick look at the timeline so in the first slide you know, i think the top set of circles highlights the key things we want to bring to the no more questions we've seen it at a number of places impact fees e impact fees benefit the areas of those projects we want to expand
9:17 pm
that knowing thinking in terms of finding ways to leverage the project investments in addition the other two circles talk about financing tools melrose that are added takes that pay for public infrastructure and infrastructure financing tax increments that can be used for structure improvements those tools have been used and in treasure island sea candle stick point and hunters point they're part of the projects for the mission rock and pier 70 we're finding ways to create move on beyond the projects can we do that more efficiently and bring other resources to grow the pie of the investment we love to take it value and put it back backing into improving the transit improvements or speeding up to support this goal oar in
9:18 pm
addition i think one of the exciting opportunities that i think is treasure island that has been found in the port projects for the special taxess that are additive taxed one that investment is paid for the taking into consideration authority what remain we're seeing no treasure island we want to apply to use it towards this sea level rise adaptation we need to do over the course of the century but not the funding resources we want to build on the waterfront fall those projects will protect themselves with an adaptation strategy to have them throw off dollars to never a sea level rise protection is better agriculture to deal with the sea level rise we want to have as a strength throughout all the conversations as we come back to you for approval. >> again, this is a summon
9:19 pm
sheet with the statistics i don't have to go over this but coming forward as a group of the 5 projects and this is the timeline slide i mentioned so a lot of the projects have long tails of timelines we're not sure of the work but converging over the course of 2017-2018 and start the negotiations now toburg be able to get ahead of the issues so none of those are looked in a vacuum how they contribute to the overall strategy. >> again those are some of the groups that are participating and inspireding into the other areas but those are the key departments that helped us to develop those thinking with a cooperated strategy of expertise and ultimately those are the
9:20 pm
departments that will be at the table as we do negotiations this is traded as an indication that will serve us better. >> i'd like to close by offering a chance for that supervisor cowen's district to - >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm just here to express the supervisors support for this cooperated planning effort that covers district 10 much the presentation falls under this priority to insure the investments made as part of future agreements are promoting equity and preserving the community in the eastern neighborhoods in terms of transportation, open space and, of course, workforce opportunity as you may know supervisor cohen recently authored and passed the legislation you all heard it set
9:21 pm
thirty percent of affordable units we're excited this legislation will provide a huge opportunity in this planning effort with over 2000 affordable units available for residents that in the neighborhood we're excited about this planning effort to define the future of the waterfront and our office tloordz working with you and oewd on the plan so thank you. >> okay. >> i think that cloukz staffs comments and presentation we'll open up for public comment. >> any public comment on this item? not seeing any, public comment is closed. >> commissioner antonini. >> thank you for an interesting presentation certainly a step in the right direction one thing i'd like to comment on transportation that
9:22 pm
is critical for this plan especially, as we grow housing and jobs one area i think that we have to emphasize is to make sure that as we move forward funding is included in all the projects towards robust transportation most notably you have plans for the bus rapid transit along the avenue and 16th street but i mean it doesn't make sense this is not light rail years ago when we actually had 49ers playing at candle stick i'd ride accident t on the same car and gut out close to candle stick point and take a shuttle 2 took what while you have to all
9:23 pm
the way down the city and it make sense the connection that exists within the t line and the m l and k aligns that end up at ocean and san jose after the joint effort with the san mateo another possibility would be surface and then tunneling underneath manner and coming out the other side within the city and county of san francisco and it will allow people from southwestern san francisco many work and live in that area get to the eastern side that make sense for that to happen the same is probably true with digesting we have plans for bus rapid transit that is the first step to connect the t with market street to be able to have people quickly able to get online to
9:24 pm
come from the west side and make it to 16th street for events at the giants warriors arenas and other things as well as the activity uscf it is important to work with mta and try to plan it once and do it right instead of doing to twice a second time that is advise on two things that expedite the transportation commissioner johnson. >> one more time a plug for the joint meeting with sfmta (laughter). >> plug that right there and one thing for the commissioners before i make a couple comments i think the t line will be going to market street the t line will be the one from chinatown across
9:25 pm
math down figuring out and king and continuing on this is actually will be there relatively shortly so i really presenter the presentation today, we hear a lot of public comment and a lot of action 2, 3, 4 other neighborhood in the city but i know it is often we forgot that most of the population growth in the city will be on that southern waterfront with the major projects that is the center of the city is moving that way so i appreciate we heard that today just. >> couple of questions and then i know for mr. richie and other staff members on agency over laptops cooperation obviously the port controls the properties along the waterfront it is clear which ones but with ocii for they're standing particularly as we look at land
9:26 pm
around the radius that comes down basically the anybody area and with others projects what is the offer lapsing for the planning commission and occ want to make any comments on that port or agency. >> thank you for that question so one of the reasons we put together this effort and working group it is precisely so better manage this interagency over laptop on united states e the - we can always do best better sometimes the agencies tells you and recall fully we've 234069 given them enough time and negotiate that will be hard i think that time we're fixing that all the agencies that will be involved will have to weigh into the development agreements you see coming gluven are two years in advance of anything coming to i think we've tried
9:27 pm
hard and having meetings the deputy director at a high-level for about a year with the agencies you saw on those that mike shared and ocii mainly has jurisdiction over the shipyard and candle stick point and not any jurisdictions until you get to mission bay an approvals of ocii on future approvals not a lot of ocii we're working hard is where transportation and open space over laptop hunters point is approved the tail that wags the dog the majority of open space we plan up north we fought the amenity north the shipyard but understand what the amenity of the shipyard by the way, an example of the shipyard give us 10 basketball courts we don't want 10 more north of there and
9:28 pm
the same thing with transportation i don't know how much briefly but the developer is working closely just north of the northern boundary of shipyard candle stick point and are working towards possibly agent changes but not major by make that work together that's the offer laptop with the port the two port agreement will go to the port commission the port commission has that land and we're working closely with the port and an interesting issue for the port i don't think we actually mentioned we'll take this presentation we should have mentioned starting with the port we'll go to the rec and park and the mta commission do the same presentation another all the commission to reinforce that but on the open space we'll working
9:29 pm
closely with the port the port owns a lot of open space we're talking with them do you want to maintain it it is sorry for the long answer hope that answers your question. >> mr. rich that might be for you understanding that many of the projects are going to have a major development agreement the one for hunters point shipyard and candle stick an example just wanted to ask for the community benefit what the city is considering percentage obviously we have more than that physical infrastructure for the parks and open space and additional childcare facilities but the hunters point and candle stick include community benefits on jobs and economic development that benefits those neighborhoods adjacent neighborhoods specifically does
9:30 pm
the city think that direction they want to take for other other projects or related to the circumstances in the hunters point. >> it is a little bit of both frankly it is too early on to know what 20s packages look like we have a year or so before we start seeing them come in front of the you and have to have that conversation and again everyone understands there is limited resources he i mean they're a large one part of resources we custom 86 get from the i don't have an answer for you yet. >> transportation obviously following with what commissioner antonini's comments there has to do with with community benefits one of the questions with the
9:31 pm
hunters point and candle stick point project a lot of the thinking before around the bart the most southern to the financial district and there's been a lot of things i've heard in any time with ocii go about neighborhoods being bypassed by the bart we need to think about the balance not the t line there is so many stops inefficient system we can't have it be point a directly to point b you bypass areas walk sunnyvale so i see mr. albert here if you want to speak on that. >> and mr. albert is here i'm going to turn it over to to him. >> i'm sad about you leaving by the way. >> good afternoon, commissioners thank you for the question to the call of the chair yeah. one the most
9:32 pm
important things in this conversation is there was so many expectations and agreements nailed down a big mistake not to recognize those these shore up and strengthen what we do on the waterfront i read today's article and created 3 bank of data and trends and what we want to phone call on focus on to avoid gridlock but in the case of shipyard this is basic information a bart element you see a graphic a west east connection and commissioner johnson you're getting at the local stops on the shipyard they serve the waterfront and the baseline the problem was the graphic showed bus stops in the shipyard not bus stops going through how would i know i can hop on the express bus the quick fix was changing the graphic and
9:33 pm
saying yes those bus stops are here we turned that into a more useful experience and not plop down bus stops but what makes sense where you, you go and the businesses are that's the discussion so ken rich is correct this is a great example of something that is approved that is being rethink one of the india abstinence we couldn't fit on this before we have an opportunity to define where the bus stops are part of the baselines that are steel what we do in the shipyard if i were staying around i would be happy we have a cracker jack team that knows about this. >> thank you, mr. albert. >> okay. i'm sorry. i have
9:34 pm
one last comment so again, this goings-on to the interagency connection looking at the most southern part of the bay front with hunters point you know there is not any more development area in the neighborhoods the redevelopment neighborhoods the redevelopment is going away i will challenge the city i don't know how much thinking i don't want to 311 put anyone on the spot but what are we are doing for the adjacent neighborhoods for all the development on the other side of third street most of concern bay and south to candle stick the developments have gone away and in an combaebl fashion no longer so i challenge the city to think about that particularly the
9:35 pm
development agreements with the conversation is really hard to do once you sign on the doted like that. >> commissioner moore. >> a last comment of commissioner johnson too for me appreciate the comprehensiveness that are coming down is more dense and work in place that because of brief itself of time not talking about mr. albert gave a couple of clips i'm delighted to see that i'll encourage mr. rich to create the opportunity for this commission perhaps in collaboration with at folks to side site visits this is the best way he we have our ability to understand this huge area it is foremost of us but already beginning point of conversation who will have a voice to create a natural
9:36 pm
extension of san francisco the best way to entering weaver the communities with what is going to be ultimately change and in particular i would encourage us to have a joint meeting with the historic preservation commission with the phenomenal depth of the historical buildings and the proper segregation are the legacy businesses walking through with joint meeting including the depth of the work and working on open spaces we've not heard about it a great amount of rich real planning that we need to know of when you put all those partial and completed efforts together we have a much, much better ability
9:37 pm
to fiscally move into the future thank you. >> commissioner hillis. >> i appreciate the thoughtful presentation we're getting ahead of a lot of the issues i issue a lot of the transportation comments that were made by my fellow commissioners we've been seeing a plan implemented in the eastern neighborhoods we get neighborhoods coming and saying the improvements are not keeping pace with the development i think you're able to get around a lot of there da and building the parks at the same time but are we confident we can minimize that gap for transportation improvement those are the ones that don't necessarily happen onsite and getting front of the projects. >> thank you for that question i think we're acoustical aware
9:38 pm
of this is not a panacea we need to do better but we believe we'll see from regular on the books transportation fees let alone anything we negotiate one hundred and 50 to $2 million from the project to figure out how we want to spend that money globally but that money comes in at building permits this is not as good i guess as coming in as entitlement and we may be able to using some of the tools that mr. martin talked about we have a melrose district to bond with the revenues we haven't figure that out but acutely aware and hold your feet to the fire. >> we have an issue in treasure island where it can't be used for housing but changing
9:39 pm
the allows more affordable housing. >> that's changed the efd i want to be clear the port already has ifds for projects in the process of getting approved one by one those are you know, i kind of know of the old-fashioned ifd you can't use those for housing but consider the ifds for the new style efd it's called that could pay more affordable housing there is always the policies that could be had in the building on dennis herrera vefrt the money like different rules and circumstances i'll add a much less tested tools but seller in our minds the city needs to have the general fund
9:40 pm
for police and fire and all that. >> thank you commissioner antonini. >> yeah. finally on the transportation ended the talk about having designated bus stops in place in the baseline and that sound good until you get on the freeway on a bus going to north san francisco they get caught in the same traffic takes half an hour or 45 minutes to get a half a mile the better solution to use ready-made cargo and other streets that cargo has a rail line that is next to it you'll have to put in light rail but to connect with the t line around caesar chavez there is part on illinois over the brim i'll be able to quickly from bay area
9:41 pm
from hunters point or the baseline trying to go north is a quick trip not the multi stops and the same thing from the north to reach that area and if you want to attract businesses you have to make it easy for them to get in and out especially over the bridge we're building across if that so something sufficient but some things that should be looked at as a alternate to the busses their quick and might be an interim measure but this could be done not that expensively. >> that concludes commissioners questions or comments thanks staff and the folks that are here. >> the commission will take a short break a short one and wel planning commission regular hearing for
9:42 pm
disruptions of any kind. please silence any devices that may sound off during the proceedings. commissioners, we left off under our regular calendar on item 7 for case underscore o-2 at 1101 connecticut street zoning and height map with the block x a zoning map and i believe that planning code no zoning map amendment. >> hello commissioners again thank you for hearing this item today, the the item before you is a zoning change for connecticut otherwise known as don't block the box x a part of hope sf the prepared zoning change will culminate for onsite location of residents in the community that allows for
9:43 pm
construction to start without demolishing units the revitalization and public housing is a key priority for supervisor cowen a critical part of the potrero site we've seen in the other key factor of including onsite relocations for maintenance of the community ties and trust workplace i hope you approve this lisa chang will talk about the proposed legislation. >> game-changer les why from department staff the item before you is an zoning map amendment introduced by supervisor cowen that rezoned two vacant lots on connecticut avenue in order to fooflt the hope sf a public-private initiative to revise by replacing the terrace
9:44 pm
on the projects with a tliefrl mixed income i'm joined by st. patrick's from the mayor's office of economic workforce development and the rent from bridge housing corporation who are on hand to answer questions about the zoning map and even though hope sf project the potrero hill was discussed on commission other october 2015 following 8 years of public outreach and substantially the eir for the project was certified in 2015 this is schedule to return to the commission to master the entitlements for the entire project that includes amongst others the agreement with the creation of special use district and design centers and guidelines, however, mohcd and a project sponsor have indicated rerezoning this connecticut avenue before the master entitlements is critical to the
9:45 pm
projects goal of relocating the existing residents on site if adopted it allows the sponsor to construct a 100 percent 72 unit with onsite location for residents with the building not gooshd it provides one hundred percent affordable housing the sponsor has submitted a building permit that is under review and expected to be approved after the public process is completed in june that the zoning map amendment if i could get the overhead proerj so those maps at the end of your case packet and walk you through
9:46 pm
what the zoning map the site economists of two paralyze thirty thousand square feet on block 4, and lot 001 and 7 referred to as block x in the potrero hill this is circled here the parcels that he intersection of connecticut and 25th from the and across the street from the existing terrace and castro sites currently a basketball court no residential structures immediately janlt by industrial presidio one to the top of the parcel lot one a currently owned by the
9:47 pm
san francisco housing authority both have a height limit of one hundred and 50 that is the zoning change circled and here is the height amendment staff reviewed the proepsz zoning map and have found it consistent and reviewed the inclines with the guidelines and found is consistent with the height standard these are shown in that map. >> the zoning is in the recertified eir and the planning department has not received any public comment in light of those finding and the rezoning is
9:48 pm
facility the onsite location the department is recommending it recommend approval of the adopted resolution that concludes my presentation. and i'll turn the floor over to dan from the housing to provide statements. >> thank you lisa and thank you commissioners for this opportunity every time we're in front of you, we have an opportunity to take a step forward towards initiating they revitalizations of potrero we've been at that working with neighborhood creating a market-rate plan and phasing plan to bring about a sound transformation of the neighborhood of the community of the public housing unit that are there building new unit for the household and creating a mixed income neighborhood
9:49 pm
this first phase that block exits of lynch pin none has to move for us to build we're trying to expedite this phase once we have the building constructed we move the existing resident into that believe and continue with the plan that is critical a critical path item so i'm here to answer any questions you may have or concerns happy to take those after public comment and very much encourage you to adopt in and move forward. >> thank you. great. >> if that concludes staff presentation open space i have a couple of speaker cards
9:50 pm
(calling names). >> my name is app in a a resident of the public housing and the reason i'm here because i wanted you guys to approve the construction on block x we can have new houses. >> thank you. >> okay. thank you. >> hi my name is ms. green work for bridge hours i'm a resident of the public housing and so i'm coming from everything i'm going to say it is coming from me the residents it is a long-term for all between the different meetings and the outreach and just people getting on board and being really excited about eventually getting to see the groundbreaking and getting new housing i'm asking you to go ahead and say it is okay. and make the restrictions that need to be done so it can be a
9:51 pm
residential so the building can came up it opens up to move the people or people around easier it is not enough unit to move people into if you tear down one building that is nothing really but a baebl basketball we'd last week to have a building up there on another note i remember we were here a couple meetings ago and you kind of made and amendment and had to come back if you thinking burglary making an amendment please don't give us a good reason and open up public comment to ask you why we don't want to be blind-sided but a its been a long time coming so we're looking to break ground
9:52 pm
don't be made at my colleague and make another decision okay. thank you very much. >> thank you. i'm a resident of potrero hill i've been there for about 6 years and i want to ask you guys to go go ahead and speed up the process to have a beautiful community i want my kids to see a is there any additional public comment? >> okay seeing none, public comment is closed commissioner moore. >> i do not recall bag an obstructionist to this project i recall this commission appreciated the presentations over the years that led to this commission fully supporting it and definitely the support for this project is implied without
9:53 pm
further ado, i move to approve. >> second. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. i'm also supportive route rezoning with two city agencies to allow this to happen so i think we should go ahead and approve it today so we can expeditiously move forward. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further, we'll move on to there is a motion that has been seconded to approve many master with conditions excuse me - adopt a recommendation for approval commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner wu commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero. >> commissioners that will lead up places us on items 8 abc d, e f for case numbers 2006 and the
9:54 pm
zoning administrator will consider the va r to adopt the shuttle procedures for the office allocation for conditional use authorization and finding of the consistency. >> commissioners. >> sorry knew. >> commissioners i'm asking to be recused i'm or my employer is involved in the property project and an abundance of caution asked to be recused. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> i move to rouse commissioner wu. >> second. >> commissioner antonini commissioner hillis
9:55 pm
commissioner johnson she stepped out. >> commissioner moore commissioner wu commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes commissioner wu is hereby recused. >> good afternoon, commissioners marseil marseille department staff this is before you and the request for several options at a parcel generally at the north corner known as the ocean on 41th the it 49 thoughts with frontage on mission and jessie and adam alley it is the mission of 3 commercial knows and new construction of two towers rehabilitation and parish rehabilitation that of two commercial buildings and plus a project one block under communication and one block in
9:56 pm
the transit find this project was in the transit center plan the tower was you think occupied height of one hundred and 80 feet to nine hundred and attorney's offices feet architectural feature with one million square feet of office space and the mission street has an opted out tower expend to 6 hundred plus architectural feature what the hotel one hundred and 46 units and ground retail and the first street at the corner of mission street is proposed for rehabilitation and parish rehabilitation the project chairs or shares one hundred and 4 plus square feet basement with three hundred and 50 parking spaces permitted and three hundred plus bicycle parking spaces and four service
9:57 pm
place assess there the first time mission tower. >> it is proposed for 50 space with a open space and pedestrian pathways in the transit center the because of first street tower with it in door park with a public assessable open space between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., 7 days a week and a public seating area handed the building a that is assessable to public all the time and it is located in the c-3 zoning district and 8 having height and bulk district again within the transit center plan it is the result of that multi agency planning effort adopted in 2012 the project sponsor has a detailed presentation in order to proceed 24 project requires
9:58 pm
several actions i'm outline those with a brief overall with the policy the first is shadow section of the planning code requires that the commission find the shadows cast by the parks will not be adverse to the park and october of 2012 the planning commission and rec and park department jointly adapted the shadows in the rec and park and to say shadowed pursuant to the center area this project cast new shadows an st. mary's and herman plaza with the analysis 2, 3, 42012 on april of this year the rec and park recommended to this commission the shadows will not be adverse to the 4 parks and this is the amount and nature the shadow in the draft motion the code allows the project to
9:59 pm
have a strict compliance rather than the condition makes certain finding the xementsz are street wall and tower separation and reduction of ground level wind and a ratio upper tower extensions and opted out vertical extension for the figuring it out street tower compliance with those exceptions is described in the draft section 309, however, i'm available to discuss those staff believes this meeting of the meet the criteria code. >> the project will be set aside for the housing under sections 413 and others of the planning code that maybe redirected to the affordable housing programs the companion legislations to detail this possible redirection brought before you on june 2nd the legislation introduced this
10:00 pm
week is being reviewed i have copies of the revised finding and conditions that will have to be changed to reflect of the potential redirection of funds and if approved will be incorporated into the final motion specifically b m y policy and general plan finding, finding b-10 and number thirty, 42 and 43 and the section and the 324 motion and section 303 motion. >> in addition there's been a minor modification to conditions 16 and 50 in the section 309 that clarifies the housing authority for the open spaces other actions required ass are as follows: the first 3 towers
10:01 pm
one thousand plus million gross square feet under the reduce the annual office development the mission street tower is a hotel with over one hundred other peoples and conditional use authorization is required to establish a hotel use the project requires finding of the consistency for the priority policies for location for jessie street and the additional in order to implement the projects in addition the project requires various of the planning code considered by the zoning administrator specifically dwelling units in the additional not for the requirement on both towers with the separation requirements and at mission street towers with the edge alley by approximately 3 inches the project exceeds the parking
10:02 pm
and loading parking and with the anybody else's to reach approximately, six hundred and 36 square feet requested in order to meet the state guidelines the conversation has been received i have copies for your review this project received a planning expectation under the will go district eir in order for the project to proceed today, the commission must make southern finding with the shadows did not be adverse and to allow the shadows determine the project complies with the 309 and allocate office square footage 2009 lemths program approve the conditional use authorizations for a hotel lease and adopt the fees for alley location that is the end of my presentation i'm available to answer any questions and the
10:03 pm
project sponsor has a more detailed presentation for i to follow thank you. >> okay project sponsor please. tipping for allowing especially e me to come here i'll give you a brief presentation you've seen a few slides in previous sessions and i like to hope without taking all your comments on board i'll like today's final that is back a few years one of the collaborative meetings with the san francisco planning department and mr. foster was here with the office of a big model of san francisco and more models big models detailed
10:04 pm
models we if bring we realize it is slightly disruptive this is the way we work we're happy to be here today with our clients if ocean wide and jeffrey you saw on the photo we're aware of the responsibility of work you know one of the most beautiful cities on the planet this is the san francisco skyline will be but without our addition but that was constantly the measure we put up how will we had a tower worthy of an additional to this magnificent skyline but how to 250iz in about the neighborhood and we're obviously in the electrician having a unification of many sites but something we've loved not just the drive
10:05 pm
of the transbay district which again, we find one of the most envisioned master plans for a city but being respectful to the culture is very san franciscan the alleyways we like this tight network of alleyways we have grand building same thing have this human scale of alleys so this is a very, very initial section of the project yes, a tower but ultimately at ground level should be delicate and allow the light of alleys to continue as you can see here not only have we kept all alleys in the neighborhood but even improved the connectivity many in the presentation a few months ago we firmly believe that the site will be the quality and a lot of
10:06 pm
projects like this should be measured we're now going to show you a sequences of how the ground plan from where it is now to hopefully slither better future first street the first street that was built no a great pleasure to walk by at rush hour so together with the planning department of san francisco and katherine is- will create a buffer between the pedestrians and the street it is a tiny little move but make life better for the tens of thousands of people from the transbay terminal walking towards market street as you can see the corner of mission street and as it is now and will be in the future this
10:07 pm
is the existing corner building that you remember we'll keep and have a deli with local food on the ground floor as you can see ecker street as it is now and the trees are actually thriving at the moment and the empty lot on the right-hand side the new mission tower where the hotel at ground level and cafeterias that bring new life and vines to ecker street and walk around the corner you remember the film we looked at jessie street as it is right now and the view towards first street as it is also be in the future with that permanent building that will inviting and attract people to come towards that you might remember we not only are we're going to create
10:08 pm
this grand new space flaeths the building but pocket parks on mission street next to the hotel and residential tower and as you can see there is a new little alleyway that takes you to ed yum- a whole assortment of alleyways under the new tower as we zoom into the tower the planets we've developed with catheter republican and her team that is one hundred and 48 stewart feet long and it will not only create a bay for people to enjoy a cup of coffee but see
10:09 pm
out and the discussions of art coming in at the moment with the show but this might be an exhibition for the things keeping us awake that's 68 feet high spaces we showed you the scale is similar to the bill clinton big terminal in san francisco international airport as you walk towards the terrace of the office entrance that will allow public to look down on the building but shows you a beautiful stained glass piece of artwork that will be commissions that is the view we all like down from that viewing mr. chairman and bar into the ground space i like to hand over to katherine
10:10 pm
that will take a few comments katherine hopefully, we'll address. >> the putting the landscaping in the open space is problematic and difficult and i think there is. >> couple of things that really to assure that works and one it getting proper soil this project unusual around the rest of the site you'll see areas that look like they're on the top of parking decks we say soil to allow for really good straight places for plants to grow and the other thing the expertise of the plans themselves dan hingingly 19 who is world renowned joined the team with the horizontal i lived here for a couple of years in the late 90s and taught at
10:11 pm
berkley so it is something that we're working on a very substantial list of plants we're sure will grow and thrive ocean has dedicated they'll maintain this space and to be as imperceptibly as a had a right escape will be we've been visiting around the areas that have similar shade and from that, we have come up with really strong options how to plant this space i don't know how to make that image come up. >> on the screen - >> i'm not sure you can see that well. >> one of the things that we introduced into part of climate is as it gets cold in the urban space because one of the good things we don't have wind and we don't have rain those are two of
10:12 pm
the compliments that make it more protective we introduce infrastructure red lighting with times you need warm accounting some of the plants we use the boards are up there if you want to see specifics but things if grow in adjacent spaces that is puncture all i have so far right now if you have more questions i'm available. >> thank you. >> so moving on one of the more beautiful are features that katherine and her team designed what is important to us to create a space that is open much longer your normal shopping hours would be we envisioned a nice evening activity so people can have nice ice cold glass of water after work and listen to
10:13 pm
music move on to the mission tower as i said hotel and residential use we talk about the crystal line glass in front of the the beautiful stone surface the first street at tower perform we talked about the angles of the crystal line effect and as to effects the sun will hopefully be quiet stunning pr the top of the building with the more interesting articulation and most importantly we should mention the extremely flexible floor plan the only thing we know the only instant is changed whatever the industry or the tech will change and people will have different functions and uses we've created this extremely neutral floor plates
10:14 pm
that allows all sorts of companies all their many innovations to work in the space and mention this at the back you see our gardens in the sky we're taking the landscape theme into the building here a typical artistic express how people work and have break ousted spaces to work in and last but not least i want to mention that we're blessed with a client to make that project platinum a beige of sustainability not only in san francisco but worldwide for putting extra attention to the water a san francisco topic and throughout the country at the end this is the same render with our humble addition to it hopefully it will make the skin.
10:15 pm
>> fraction for interesting and here this is telegraph hill i'm going to turn it over to to my colleague. >> in 4 seconds so good afternoon, commissioners dan with reuben, junius & rose i hope to make a few brief comments before the public benefits that will flow from this project when the commission approved the transit centering center in envelope it was a dmeven vision to leverage private developments to fund the next generation of downtown infrastructure $420 million for the transit center and caltrain extension key to pull out outside fund and $150 million for sustainable streets and open space so the
10:16 pm
district is from one to literally no pubically open space to 12 acres that was the goal to collar growth and transit and open space and siding on screen if we could get those up again, this project is a business part $117.6.01 time impact fees 4 hundred lose million dollars in special takes for maintenance and infrastructure structure improvements over the course of thirty years and about $21.6 million in addition general fund revenue in addition to that required funding ocean wide is telegraph hill engaged to address the broader citywide concerns a so ocean wide will have a
10:17 pm
endowment with parks and open space in chinatown as well as pay affordable housing fees rather than the 20 percent level that is required we're working with the city and our community partners to see those funds are used within a mile of the site where there is a crying need more affordable housing last but certainly not least a productive dialogue with the neighbors and many meetings and many more e-mails and phone calls communicating with our immediate neighborhoods on one ecker and the fdic building and heard from several of the occupant and riots of those building today, we want to take account of their interest and we're committed 0 working with them as the project move forward ahead and a robust implication plan to keep all the neighbors
10:18 pm
informed with that, i'd like to thank the commission and the staff for the hard work and the community partners helping us get here today and our entire team is available for questions. >> very much opening up for public comment first tom (calling names) if everyone wants to line up on that side of the room it makes it easier (calling names). >> game-changer commissioners my name is tom and i'm here today to ask you to please approve this iconic project sf spell needs to add well over one
10:19 pm
million square feet of office space and hotels and housing businesses are leaving san francisco san francisco has the highest rents in the nation that lowers the costs and creates thousands of jobs for cruise depending on it to provide for their families the public parks look at the urban park that is a puck urban park inside of a building who what could be better than an opponent security open twenty-four hours i wish jefferson park had that and late it is sensitive that some complain regarding insignificant shadows in parks rather than complained about two chinatown parks that are neglected for decades everyone should support the developers
10:20 pm
for the million dollars to improve the parks and provide more affordable housing in san francisco thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> yes, sir. i'm patrick kelly i've been a street artist in san francisco for over 40 years i work with stained glass in addition happy mother's day to everybody sunlight is significant okay when i looked at this article in the chronicle - okay. this - herman plaza and long market street during that time of the year there's sunshine in the
10:21 pm
morning and it disappears around one market plaza and the roof and didn't comes back around 1:30 in the average okay. then disappears again that 3:30 in the afternoon okay. all right. so when the article in the chronicle used the sunshine for less than 16 minutes okay. that's an outer sunshine out of that window sunshine at that time of year that's a significant it on sunshine that particular area of san francisco okay. i'm a stained glass artists sunshine is night and day i've been dealing with customers over 4 years with stained glass when the sun comes
10:22 pm
out i start making sales the people are happy okay the artists feel better in the sunshine and people feel better in the sunshine they don't run down the street cold and it is dark and effects the meadows significantly okay so the article really tremors misleading last week the shadow oh, it is only 60 minutes out of the day that's wrong you know you know you can look at the statistics and bend them the way you want you know only taking out 60 minutes of the day we have other shade going on recommend the mitigation with
10:23 pm
the electrical outlets and improve the street lighting and it is significant you know you know hit on the from my prospective thank you. >> happy birthday commissioner president fong and good afternoon, commissioners i'm patricia here representing myself i'm one of the homeowners living at the one ecker place i have 3 major concerns i'd like to address first is the safest safety of the building structure and the health second is the health safety third is the lack of the communication from a developer that is it is addressing how to manage two
10:24 pm
safety issues now, one ecker is a one hundred-year-old historical building with a structure it is fragile and the magnificent of construction that lasts 55 months plus and beyond i don't know how this building this structure will be facing challenges without a plan how to protect it this structure and integrity of the historical building as well as the safety of the resident so as far as this moment we see many of the proposals in the plans and the publicity in the domain but not seen a plan addressed those issues as well as how to manage that so the third with the 3 issues of concerns i have first safety of the structure issue my unit specifically i have a
10:25 pm
concern i have a shared wall that is directly next to the building going to be broken down a large commercial loading dock with 3 trucks a night and my shared wall it is 4. 5 inch and i brought a picture it is showing on that over here the whole point imagine during the construction and the ongoing of this truckload and even though developer is asking exceptions for the loading dock not to be built underground it is threatening the safety recently, i had a experience of a desk coming inside from the breaker building and it is big pieces
10:26 pm
and also the bricks in between the brakes the gap is become bigger with many holes he brought a picture to show you see the visual holes and it is many i have several pictures so my concern is how the safety you know to threatening of me. >> >> thank you, ma'am, your time is up. >> you're welcome to submit something 2, 3, 4 writing. >> next speaker, please. >> leave it on the counter right there. >> submit this, please. >> can i ask to project good morning commissioners i'm grace i'm also one of the owners of 16
10:27 pm
jessie street called one acres i put up a visual on the monitor if you see on this this is where my home is and next door building which will be down the road is where the first tower will be and the plan as you can see on the lower right of brochure the plan currently is going to be a loading zone were there will be two of 35 foot trucks going in there and as well as 25 feet truck going in there any concern is as a homeowner first of all, i have to live through 45 months of vibration and the loading zone that will be next to my home imagining listening to the
10:28 pm
loading of trucks quin the banking and metal all those we are the community there's homes next door i strongly advocate to not exempt what is promoted on the agenda first loading assess in the section one 45 to really consider to put this underground or in another location that will have less impact to the neighborhood around it and that is my comment and lastly i also like to show regarding the base between the units of my bedroom as well as to the next space i took a photo yesterday if you could show that as you can see it is really about 4.4 issue of inches with 100 percent years
10:29 pm
old history imagining having vibrations of 55 months and afterward with the loading zone with the trucks coming in constantly thank you very much for your time and i highly recommend you not approve this. >> material testament here. >> good afternoon, members of the commission my office represents one of here hoa the owners of 4 story brick building next door to the project our comments relate to the accuracy of the environmental review and we have serious concerns that the project will not rebuttal in geological error
10:30 pm
noise impacts amongst others for the materials provided to you and addressing the geology this project will involve twice the amount of reconciliation and it is hard to fill generate to a depth of the salesforce tower the magnitude is in a confidential study on a project the problem is the geological study is even though it note in a settlement of a couple of inches there are no mitigation measures for any geology potential impacts now air quality impacts that bears repeating the transbay document did not examine the projects in
10:31 pm
any detail the oneus on the project explained for the effects what impacts to air had will have on ecker and similar residents the air quality studied was bans a 4 page memorandum 5 pages is not give you to analyze the air quality impacts and make a comparison with salesforce and that's for residents waterproofs and 80 feet away ecker's is 4 feet what's the impact we don't know and lastly addressing those again, the project construction will be 4 feet away and there is no study open that quantityable data will reduce the impacts the
10:32 pm
rules don't tell you anything geology and air quality and vibration we ask you to consider thank you. >> game-changer commissioners my name is a daniel an attorney with llp and we represent the federal deposit shushes corporation the owner and operator on jessie street the context is shown on this depiction shows the building directly adjacent to the proposed development and thank you for circulating another copy
10:33 pm
of any letter for some quick expects on the fdic - once you get back a depiction of the project for the appropriately elimination of a portion of jessy street the building is here the loading one and only loading dock is here adjacent to the rerouted jessie street the truck traffic that fta c used the vacation of jessie street has an impact no parking not an impact on parking but then will are a significant impact on the fdic additionally just for one other item of site contact we the fdic has 3 electrical vaults within
10:34 pm
the ecker street right away that has an impact my letter outlines recommended requested modifications to the mitigation measures and conditions of approval that is part of overall package a highlight a few we need to preserve the use of our loading dock and the ability for 40 foot trucks the fdic takes over failed banks there is large cash of records need to come in a large truck we need to make sure we preserve that ability to do so with a mechanism and point of contact we may need to use that assess on short notice with no restrictions because of the nature of what the fdic does we need the ability to approve the planning and have no conflict
10:35 pm
with our truck traffic rights with the traffic improvement measure 8 which has the ability to use 40 foot trucks we proposed construction period and post construction period with the traffic calming measures their depicted within the attachments in the letter and we'll finally say we've been working with the developer and ton to do so and look forward to working with the them modified infrastructure sites i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you very much. >> commissioner president fong i'm stephen wilson i'm co-counsel for one ecker owners association by through the board of directors and presenting those comments on their on behalf of i adapted the comments
10:36 pm
by my colleague mr. joining hoe and comments on behalf of the fdic which appear to have merit but clear to you that we as a homeowners association don't oppose this project more delay your consideration of those things we think that is a good thing for the neighborhood a great thing for the city in the long run more attention needs to be paid to the commission mr. hoe hits the bright spots in three or four of the larger concerns we believe the developer is sincere of it's intent to dialogue with us and work with us to find reasonable solutions the council had been helpful we appreciate the time given to us by the lady when we
10:37 pm
telephoned her we calling your attention to the extensive comment letter we've filed in particular, the first few pages that bright line the major concerns we think this can be handled on the go forward but requires the attention of that staff so the residents of our building we live in one hundred and 10-year-old brick and mortar and it's right next to an enumeration generator of vibration and noise dully protected i've looked at the and seen the condition of the mortar didn't take much to pullries that we have people that are
10:38 pm
wheelchair bounds we ask you to attentive in our deliberations today so everyone is on the same page and protecting the residents of those units thank you for your time. >> next speaker >> you are the next speaker. >> pull up the screen please. >> sfgovtv will soon you start. >> i'm cassandra hoff one of the residents on 301 with my husband and two children our 5-month-old and 2-year-old i'll hear to give us a more human
10:39 pm
face to this by the way, commissioner vice president richards happy birthday oh, commissioner president fong who's birthday is it i figure it is 3 hours and 15 minutes. >> i'm older now. >> it is has nothing to do with with what people are talking about we're happy to have oceanside here we have representation from the lawyer that is awesome we have communication but there are concerns with the pictures that are brought up and i'm offering the stack of 301 with the 4 nature inch gap want to show you a couple of more pictures this is no big deal we're professionals i'm here since 1145 and penalty of perjury in the bathroom that is awful and be back to 3:30 so this is stevenson street and 12 units
10:40 pm
this is 245 market we work hard to work with the loading docks with the bells and ringing we were what the heck did we just buy as you look at did larger things are happening here and this i wish i knew how to do this - i'm running out of time. >> perfect that is our bedroom wall and it is this current situation we've made investments as personal owners curtains and things to the cost of 9 thousand net we're doing everything we can and really happy that there will be development but again, this is just to remind everyone that there is happy humans living in this he love it here we go to the restaurants and excited to have more options but
10:41 pm
please remember we're human. >> whoops i don't know there if there is a next slide. >> another view in the top with the baby in the middle and thank you. >> hi there are i take it kari one of the commercial unit owners on one ecker this is a beautiful project and looks at amazing we still have closed to 5 years of construction we have to live through one of the biggest concerns that the quality of life during the next 5 years living at one ecker will be devastation we have a business there with a tenant who
10:42 pm
has - she deals with pregnant women and accounting a cafe downstairs in the alley and we have an art gallery we deal with a lot of people coming and going the access into the building the quality of life for our tenants for 5 years living underneath the construction zone will be horrendous as far as the shadows takes into account we have a rooftop garden and the kinds of shadows that will happen around our building and for the units as far as the cafes and whatnot it is disconcerting we're worried about this project that is wonderful for coming down the pike but 5 years of construction could put us out the business
10:43 pm
and displace the people that want to live there make that impossible thanks. >> thank you hi i apologize. i didn't submit one of the blue kafrdz i want to echo the sentiments by my neighbor i live others one ecker in the 101 with the neighbor will be wall to wall unfortunately, i have the extra benefit of being on the first story that means if this platform were any political i lay my head to rest that wall will be where the trucks go by pits close my window is right here and the sidewalk is here and at cars with there and the trucks are running next to it for years we've worked with the
10:44 pm
loading dock next to us and requested that they loading and unloading at reasonable hours with the ecology to have them come not after 11 and before 6:00 a.m. they still come before 4:00 a.m. but during that time for for the most part we understand this is a reasonable expectation of living in downtown san francisco but every time you have loading and unloading the noise and the noise of what is moved you have a noise off people loading and unloading and not supervisor and they blast of the stereos so we ask them to turn it down he hear it the sound of speaking and he can hear people whispering i'm
10:45 pm
wall to wall and literally where you guys are right now and if that loading zone is built as the plans now trucks returning twenty-four hours and not underground it makes those units uninhabitable and the extra benefit of living on the first floor we have earthquake retrofitting unlike the other floors there is space between our window to actually have the window we have people to try to see how we know sound proof and it's not possible i hope you take into consideration. >> come on up i'll call a few more names
10:46 pm
(calling names). >> i'm sorry andy chang chung. >> hi sheryl davis with the community programs throughout the city and just wanted to come i think that what i really wanted to speak to i work with a population of folks they're for the for the most part displaced and not recognized to oceanside reached out to use it was very nice; right? because we're not folks that will be buying or purchasing but to talk with us how to actually support people and keep people and develop a long term plan for supporting folks was helpful they did that they didn't dr. to do that i really appreciate that
10:47 pm
so i really want to stress as we talked about spefshg about people of color and specifically african-americans that have gone from 15, 20 percent of the population to less than 6 percent and when folks were interested in that concludes my report. that population of folks and having conversation ocean wide i'm sorry we talk about how to support the folks and what that looks like they come and do that that is important so a lot of times the folks that are month impacted by the work and displaced are in the remembered when you have those conversations i know we talk about 9 community benefit and the bigger picture i hope that didn't get lost the people pushed out of the city are forgotten in ocean wide they've made a commitment and work with the adapted folks and knowing
10:48 pm
long run i appreciate partnering because all the times we have issues with the folks in san francisco they're a definitely a population of - folks want to engage in conversation without being forced to i appreciate that and hope that is take into consideration. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> i'm rob the executive director and across roots and when making discussions by the projects on mission street this is a counseling program for homeless youth in san francisco for the past 18 years weeping we've helped the youth off the street and served more than 7 thousand people we reach out
10:49 pm
another crossroads to let us know they're interested we're not a high profile organization not a lot of publicity many of the organizations help us get good pr because of the profile we're not among those who engage because they want to make a difference. >> couple weeks ago two employees at ocean wide came by our office sometimes with the representatives of local businesses want to meet they expect united states to come to them they spend little time and their superficial but we saw people with questions and wanted to learn about our clients and homelessness in san francisco in any discussed the way the businesses have a community force in san francisco after meeting we challenged pollutant e-mails and ocean wide
10:50 pm
made a generous donation in 2017 they'll move to third street and jessie street we're if the police process of being adapted in the mission it will be essential to have a strong day and night by the local community to doing everything we can in helping our clients while we're in the early stages of ocean wide we hope the neighbors as partnered in our efforts to stay in san francisco thank you for considering this. >> we have a letter to put into the record from crossroads thank you.
10:51 pm
>> good afternoon commissioners thank you for your time to hear our comments today, i'm amanda graham here from green morris we represent the owners of the properties others 510th street and first street we sent and letter yesterday expressing brief concerns i've brought extra copies i'll recap briefing 20 two main concerns number one concerned with the jessie street relocation it involves an exit on mission street a conflict point in a high injury corridor this raises safety concerns for the pedestrian in a high traffic area rerouting of jessie street trees stwrtd for mission street is probably unnecessary and in
10:52 pm
order to create a larger first street footprint we want to point out that anthony street lights located west of the student a street that provides an assess point for the project our other main concern is the privatization of jessie street we're not sure that is necessary but that will maintaining many of the open space features of the existing plan jessie street is privatized the first street tower footprint in lower section will be 38 percent larger than the transbay tower the tall itself building if san francisco that might be able contrary to the 2 housing unit 9 and 10 of the area plan it
10:53 pm
appears that avoiding the closing of jessie street to design a more scaled building like creating two towers versus one massive tower this is more compatible with the existing bulk requirement and perhaps reduce the shadow and wind impacts that are created by the project thank you for your time and i'm here with any questions thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is cynthia gomez with a hospitality union for san francisco in san mateo we're in support of proposed project on first street also known as the ocean wide center the developer has an agreement the proposed hotel will be managed by hilton an
10:54 pm
organization with an agreement to maintain neutral and no reason to sign a union agreement for any reason it is not ultimately serve as a management company ocean wide will select a relationship with local 2 or a neutrality agreement that protects the workers within the hotel tower the neutrality agreement as i understand by oceanside is a double benefit they assure the jobs will be good projects this project has our support and we urge you to grant its approval thank you. >> game-changer commissioners. >> thank you for the opportunity to speak this afternoon i won't for the record
10:55 pm
to say i'm pro-sunshine and anti feces but i'm here to speak on behalf of the ocean wide center development today i and michael what are the museum located within the straight up regis hotel two blocks from the ocean wide center side we welcome the possibilities for arts and cultural we challenge that comes with the ocean wide center project that is a community benefit ocean wide has shown their intention and desire to be good numbers neighbors by reaching and touring the museum so eddy of ocean wide shared a tour under the director of linda and myself their enthusiasm for the arts and the communities
10:56 pm
evidence and not only to serve the visit from kiss across the city and the boulder but to expand that reach in our neighborhood the cultural district we see a growing number of residents and names families we want to welcome into the district as well as the surrounding areas go solar the amount itself and into this remarkably designed open space that is being planned at ocean wide center so we've invited the offices and received our tour of the site and the agreemental model we're in conversation with the executive team about activating especially this public space with the arts and performances in the amenities so we look forward to the opportunity and we encourage the members of the planning commission to support this
10:57 pm
project thank you. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'll call a few more names (calling names). >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm phil chin chair the chinatown committee for better rec and park i'm here to speak specifically you're all here together speak specifically on the community benefits agreement i'll cut milestone my comments short i ask you to approve it. >> i'm mel came chinatown development center i want to say quickly we've been working with ocean wide for almost a month and a half to really make this project one that addresses issues that are critical to downtown neighborhood we feel like the relationship and the work we've done together has gotten 0 us to a good place we feel we're in a situation we can
10:58 pm
use this project to stabilize the housing in the downtown neighborhood and address a service a gap frankly in the chinatown parks you know that our neighborhood so spell needs. >> good afternoon. i'm sarah wong the executive director of c y c i'll not repeat what malcolm said but echo and mention c y c has a relationship with the rec and park for service to over thousands of residents to reduce - we're looking for the possibility partnering to stabilize the program with open space is sways thank you. >> andy changing we're 9 nonprofit that rent the pot square house to the senior programs i urge the supports for
10:59 pm
that project that open space funding will be very important to make sure that their programs in the parks and open space and another recreational programs thank you very much. >> game-changer commissioner i'm john and i realize this is a must approved project but, of course, it is the cash cow that bails out of the city for the transit center fiasco 200 and $60 million in the hole and not yet stopped counting this project transit center fee the way out of that trap for the city so i know you'll approve that i understand why even though it is clear the
11:00 pm
transbay office market is flooded this will be the fourth very tall office building two of the three have no tenants and the third one is the salesforce is 1/3rd empty no need for the building but a heck of a need for the city's transit center bailout i get it this is the cash couey urge you to require the developer to fund the development fees before construction to the stabilization housing fee support if there is any and other fees childcare and so on and late to the end so they start contradiction this year as they said they will all the fees should be paid those funds are needed right now for the public benefit arrest on the design as
11:01 pm
you may know though it is an aspect last year ground floor urban room it is only going to be usable maybe half the time and as a practical matter not during the evening really this urban room needs the protection sleep or blasting in fully some way to do that no matter how did the living space can't be used as their purported to be built for not the design and i know they're talking about putting heat lamps that didn't do it you need an urban room needs to be an urban room and protection on, on a rainy and foggy day and, of course, evening after dark with those changes i know you've approve it i'm asking for you to
11:02 pm
make the changes before you approve it thank you. >> hello chris i didn't planning director for super thank you for the opportunity i'm i'd like to ask to you approve it ocean center it is important in the district plan a strong supporter of transit plan the plan that seeks to focus regional growth in downtown san francisco and invest thought infrastructure of the streets and the public realm and protect the historic resources this location is the right place for the proximity of the transit and the xoifrt role as the employment people work in downtown are by far the most frequent yours and imperative we focus the growth the lirmentd opportunity ocean wide center is one of the parcels that is for
11:03 pm
dense developments for the nature - this is a at all place and finally that provides 200 and 65 residential units over millions square foot but it a sustainable revenue on the one time and ongoing basis those are opportunities not to be underestimated i urge to promote this a key part of the city and region thanks. >> good afternoon. i've been here for a while i've missed i'm a resident of soma in support of ocean wide project our relationship began earlier this year and touched by the fact they reached out to us not many people get involved or
11:04 pm
concerned what what happened so we appreciate foegz folks that cross that divide and meet our kids and families and see what we're about i think that from what we're heard and sheryl davis said it is good to us when someone reaches out to us we've been building a great relationship and looking forward to filling that gap of mission street and down west farther figuring out our families and young families feel the brunt of this we look forward to continuing to build a short partnership when we met that eddy an others for the society really mixed well with us so we look forward to a one partnership with them thank you. >> okay is there any additional public comment?
11:05 pm
>> okay not seeing any, public comment is closed. and opening up to commissioners commissioner vice president richards. >> first of all, to you or thank you to the ocean wide for investing in our city having a remarkable project that is a great addition for the outreach and donations for the fund for the community benefits for being a part of community before we have the project built and for the affordable housing fund for the stabilization so far the existing housing thank you we heard from the neighbors your sincere this is a good project they support it is good for the neighborhood and city and responsive great council that is very responsive the issue i heard so far from today up until when the building opens so my question to the project sponsor how do you you demolish the existing buildings and build a 9
11:06 pm
housing unit plus tower next to the brick historic this whaflts our plan i looked at the environmental document the reason i'm saying that i had construction next to my house someone cut the property from 15 feet and constructed a house next to mine 18 most and two doors up they did did same thing i went crazy i can't imagine constructing a tower can you help me out what you'll do to try to help to mitigate it should the residents move out for 55 months i can't understand from where i've been. >> thank you supervisor stan with reuben, junius & rose i'll probably be the first to have several speakers that will address this issue i'd like to
11:07 pm
start by golden over the measures in place and in the community plan exception document and the mitigation and monitoring program because i do think the measures there are regermane to the topics that we're excavating next to one ecker so the interests of project sponsor and the neighbors are very much aligned and doing the construction in a way that is very sensitive to the adjoining historic structures secondly, if you take a look at the mitigation plan related
11:08 pm
total protection of historic structures this is in the c pe mitigation measures number 5 or 6 through 94 you'll see we're required to use all feasible means to avoid damage to adjoining building with staging heavy equipment as far as possible if the historic structures, minimizing vibration so no objects damage the building and avoid did settlement and uplift as soon as possible we are required to document the construction before starting the construction obviously we can document the exterior of the building on our own without permission from the adjoining property owner will certainly be trying to document
11:09 pm
the interior when the work is done we're in a position to identify any damage that will be caused we anticipate that had been minimal but nevertheless, it provides us a vehicle to come up to make one eer whole if there is any damage vibration was another big issue and there is a specific mitigation that deals with that we're required to retain the services of a historic architect to advise us taking into account the condition of the one ecker building as well as the kinds of construction and soil but the maximum level of expendable vibration is that you know we can do during construction without damaging the adjoining building and a provision in the mitigation measure if we are studying that level we need to stop and figure out another way to do the work i think if you
11:10 pm
really dig down you'll see thereer broad strokes for the requirements laid that will be flushed out over time which is the normal course we're at a preliminary phase but as we move through the dbi wool be putting finer points on the protective measures and be consulting with one ecker's. >> i think that is great can you talk a little bit about the liveability i'll recommend you take measurements over time so personally on my house once we have significant issue that resulted in the construction next door and the project sponsor take over time and address that it was good practice but what did the liveability like next door a stack kwhag is my life going to
11:11 pm
be like number one most of construction will be happening during the business hours it is if you good downtown to this block is it is a particularly quiet block by no means that environment will not change not going to be noiseer but it is during the daytime hours and from ted from the turning construction our general contract to make more comments about that. >> thanks. >> thank you. i'm with tishman construction just to clarify something with the
11:12 pm
construction managers to ocean wide not the general contractor at this time i think what - the best way to describe how we intend to work generally consist with what was has to do with with the responsibility to which the environment is working we were selected for a number of reasons by primarily because we work in environments like this colleagues of mine at the world trade center i've done similar work in new york city and on the west coast and san francisco we have working standards that allows us to you perform a it is safe their primary obviously for our own workforce and certainly the protection of property for buildings adjacent to be more
11:13 pm
specific you know our responsibility obviously to use the codes rules and regulations we're obligated to provide i want to say we've been engaged in preparing plans specifically what we submitted to you the community planning exception and otherwise we've been engaged with the community myself in particular been involved with if not all of the meeting specifically appreciate the neighbors concerns i think it comes down to dialogue and organizing yourself around what their needs are to that point you've heard some of the representation for the homeownership's association we're trying to be responsive we are trying to gave me them in our planning, we are using that information to guide how we
11:14 pm
actually perform our work to begin with you know our first activities are demolition right now we are engaged in interior demolition the abatements to adjacent building, of course, becomes a lot more obvious you start with the structural information we've been very clear with our trade contractors about how to deal with one ecker in particular because we are a shared property line and some of those mitigations are as memos and hand tools not using large equipment we're going to be in the middle and skoefld outside of the walls in order to protect them and their property you know and as dan said earlier it is an evolving process if we arrive at a place not that comfortable we are there and available to discuss
11:15 pm
how to better do that we're going to be building a nine hundred foot tower on first street the types of thing we've made decisions we're in the process with dbi and others to discuss how best to do this with our hosting and cranes, all of our truck access is on those streets it is on first street and mission specifically for the reason to take it away from the property so those are the kinds of things we're attempting to do to the benefit of our community and just remaining communication all one quick question you're still here another project you could site that is similar you come under 24 city doing a tower from remain structure that worked observed really well. >> jeff and i were talking about that on from time to time i think that a a good example
11:16 pm
and let him talk. >> good afternoon jeffrey architect i was going to talk about the practical experience i have a place in the infinity i i get it about the residential relationship to construction and he know that the team is extremely sympathetic of that so i'll make a series of comments we have had the experience just talking about buildings and safety for a minute building integrity and safety we had the experience of building 555 mission right next to the building that the salt house is a historic big structure immediately adjacent to it and have glutton us and, of course, the contractor this is satisfactory the building is still there not residential but it is a restaurant opposed by
11:17 pm
doug washington that owns town and hall and doug said i'll do a second run he was okay with that that's the one at one ti didn't have a residential but a childcare center on the roof just in case everybody - so you've heard about the geotech and the method of protecting those building has to be done you know very well and carefully the safety miles an hour are the kinds of things employed if you go by the site a giant patch on there which john king wrote in an article a stunning rig but not only is there that and they does drop tests by the way, from
11:18 pm
great heights not only is there that rig but every floor has a safety protocol and then intermediate is other catch devices that are significantly in size the same kind of method and means we'll deal with the safety as to the thing will or about it is residential and unoccupied again, i have high empathy but careful vshth and not only that but rules for vshth future relationships between the contractor and the team and the building ongoing and he know that our team is fully committed to that the last thing i will is that there's a fear that is 5 years of construction and their good evening to have to
11:19 pm
this the pagers and similar sound-producing electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. practical matter the harder part is first year so then getting to a quieter phase of construction the bad part is essentially over after 18 months and so it is not going to be like a never ending thing and, of course, finally a building in the middle of the city and etch rincon hill if you're in the middle of a city you know it will happen new york but we'll doing everything we can to mitigate in a appropriate way. >> you took my thundered when i asked it is when it is less bad. >> in a year nature it is over.
11:20 pm
>> project sponsor other questions i don't want to monopolize but you know we have the opening the public room and project sponsor first issue on the loading dock placement the fdic had an issue are approximately unfettered assess as well as the loading assess and one ecker building can you give us comments why you placed that loading and not underground mr. maddox again. >> he willer. >> mr. he willer trouble shooter i'll put this diagram can you see that so the team
11:21 pm
worked together extensively from the first and way don't see are the 200 other schemes. >> yes. we can show you photos of those that we went through but in terms of working through the desirability of location the district court of vehicular and traffic that entire plan is structured around optimizing the best way to serve the project from the urban functioning point of view as well in addition from the civic side this project, of course, is making this incredible urban space and doing it by creating a side for
11:22 pm
structure without the side core structure this space would not been able to exist so other location of the loading dock is optimized from really every aspect from the urban design and the traffic aspect and the loading aspect there are some service space in the basement for van delivery not all going to this place and if i like i can tell you why i think the loading will not be why not just is so - a couple factors about it the loading dock will be managed by a person on site full-time. >> that person will not allow trucks to be around sitting around id'ing waiting to get inside the do you recognize that
11:23 pm
will be managed both for deliveries and a efficient operation and american people equal operations across the way there was concern about vibration that was mentioned by the some of the residents from the loading dock as a practical matter none the building is very large it foundation is massive and thick the wall that is coming down alongside it is separate by a foot no contact between the buildings and quite heavy any real initial they have will be a noise motor or beeping of the backing up that has to be dealt with good management and active
11:24 pm
management but i don't think that vibration will be anything. >> is there a time restriction when the deliveries are happening. >> 29 under discussion i would say that is going on between the pardon. >> right? i heard someone saying they'll be listening to the needs and responses so. >> again as a resident of rincon hill it needs it. >> thanks. >> i believe this is a planning department and mta were concerned where the loading was we went before and after he wanted to make sure that reuben tlngz is a proposal it will be open for trust and through that space and need to a reminder this is shown that way thank
11:25 pm
you. >> can couple of more quick points project sponsor and funding and the timeline of the funds can you speak to that. >> yeah dan with reuben, junius & rose all the payments are due at the first construction document that is little document that actually authorizes me to go out and start building the project so we have no disagreement that is what the funds are paid and the community funds any comment on these. >> so the there are really two batches the additional affordable funding and moving through a process that the board of supervisors that will determine the timing we believe those funds are going to be paid he at the first construction
11:26 pm
document with the others the parks endowment is set up to so is 8 snauchlts over time with the first quarter of the fund paid at first construction document and then the remainder paid once the project is actually built. >> okay. thank you very much i'm turn it over to other commissioners great project i'm supportive and looking forward to this and not monopolize any more time. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. i think that my 14 years on the planning commission that is probably the most magnificent project in terms of a simple project rather than an area plan or a large area plan i feel that way because not only gives back a lot but addresses the street in the right way it addresses the israel and the two
11:27 pm
major streets first and mission in a very sensitive way unlike what happened years ago with many of the buildings in the san jose and 80s there really was building up to the sidewalk and it sets a really good example; right we have not seen too much in san francisco maybe you might see side embarcadero center but at the second story and not quite the permeates built on the three story. >> i think - will block the westly most of winds come from the west their colder than the winter that is what happens in san francisco but i think that can be easily
11:28 pm
modified if it is down with the calls i e walls to the north or south easily done but the important thing it is open to the people 12 hours a day 7 days a week and all the different things in the alleys the other thing i think that important when we talk in terms of the allocation from the prop m allocation is this building as appointed by many is the most perfect location for this type of allocation because your close to so many different types of transit and also it is somewhat tempered against possible problems they may have with rentals of office space it not
11:29 pm
only contains office and residential and hotel you have yourself covering a number of areas all feel which maybe hot market at different times maybe not hot all the time but that is very well aligned and you know there was mentioned by at least one speaker about the shadowing but i think that is very minimal amounts of shadowing for short percent 4 different parks in san francisco and i think that i agree with those who think this is getting warm eerie used to be more concerned on a sunny day like new york but san francisco on a moderately warm day i'm seeking shade so a little bit of
11:30 pm
shadowing may not be the worst thing and give us someone a chance to get out of the sun for a couple of minutes on the loading zone we've answered that question already though i hired the large truck will not be able to come in into the reconfigured jessie street but have to be the big trucks the smaller trucks will be able to do that and if there is any opportunity to you know double many of the corners at that place to give us an opportunity for some midsized trucks to get through i understand that the emergency vehicles will be able to come in and fire engines a way to be exited through the urban room to get them out so in terms of fire safety i think that is addressed very well
11:31 pm
i'm going through all the benefits they've been pointed out by the sponsor the two things that struck me the fact you have $12 million endowment to parks in chinatown various i think that a great they know and already committing to the affordable housing fees subject to change with a ballot measure in june but in and of itself is extraordinary and nonprofits like the united playaz and at the crossroads so particularly the fees being allocated to all the different things affordable housing is one of the most important but the fees to the transit center that is in desire need of the fees and particularly some could be applied to the downtown
11:32 pm
extension that's very important and the jessie street modification that goes on to mission one speaker mentioned the problem with exiting because it is actually a street it is not really a curve cut but an exit 0 therefore it is actually eliminating some of theurve cuts there's a street there in place of it so that's an improvement we've established the fees that are paid at the first construction and a lot of union support i'm very much in favor of the project i'll see what my fellow commissioners have to say. >> commissioner moore. >> extremely sensitive designed project well presented i like the steps the project has taken and coming forward it is
11:33 pm
exemplar to have the opportunity to see a project like that overflow room and participate in the discussion i appreciate the overall offering riding idea of where the project is and how it deals with skyline and placement they are some issues and there is not new to everyone that knows what i'll say and do the transbay terminal were not issues i supported particularly when it came to shadow on public parks and the ordinances which deal with protecting the sunlight in public parks i've taken a consistent position about this for the entire times on the commission and will follow that particular position
11:34 pm
again, today the challenges i grew up in practicing in the city that buildings need to respond to the challenges that are proposed mr. halo knows that we worked to that and the buildings were shaped to the challenges when the building now are at a health that are far taller than a number of years there are challenges tos legislations are an issue not addressed i do think that one overriding position i want to commission to reflect on the developer perhaps mr. tishman can speak to this commission a looking at other projects in various stages of powerful on first street and we are heard
11:35 pm
for howard and first street all of is us a painfully aware the travel on administrator if beetle and going to the freeway every day starting others 2 o'clock or 1 o'clock or earlier a police to get people to cross the intersection and approach the freeway how are you dealing with that i've not seen anybody acknowledge that with the construction on first street what is your response to those particular impacts. >> we excuse me - that is ted with tishman given our project office is at 88 and first on the corner of first and mission i'm fully aware the traffic concerns specifically on days when your
11:36 pm
and now my san francisco giants play baseball we're aware of that we are aware that salesforce tower their construction activities are on the east side of the streets we are making the work salesforce tower will be diminishing sow we are hoping to be kind of what is called a soft transition from our activity picks up and their diminishes we are proposing and in the process of submitting our logistics to sfmta to start that dialogue but essentially what we're proposing to taking the 1 packing lane up against
11:37 pm
administrator and we're going to manage that with flagman for safety reasons and particularly for vehicular circulation i hope that answers our question. >> up begin new challenges the shortness of the plain clothes and the numbers of cars that stack and the 5 of construction vehicles from concrete to whatever coming to the side and creating the smooth operation while your constructing the challenges lie with we're looking at other buildings and i want to hear our acknowledging the responsibility of that particular corridor and your closing of the jessie street thank you very much for your comments the closing of jessie street and the vacating of the alley he considered to be an essential ingredient in the
11:38 pm
revisions for the steel of downtown is for me an issue the advocating for this block into what now is super block despite the pedestrian thoroughfare that you maintain is a issue i have a hard time reading that into us having an increased demand for other projects large projects to provide mid alley crossing while you're basically vacating the alley that is kind of a hard position for me to be in i'm sure you empathize i like our earth design and the attention to open space and the changes that are proposed by those two issues with the sunlight in public parks as well as the closing of alleys are issues i
11:39 pm
have to seriously struggle with. >> may i have respond to that. >> would you like a response. >> yes. please. jeffrey hiller i think that it is important to say that on the issue of subdividing large blocks i believe that that is a driving force of our scheme we are turning jessie but letting it glow as a pedestrian and bike way right now is barely usable and upper usable on the section near the 22 eer the federal building the fdic we're enhancing that is as a public way and creating a public way
11:40 pm
from mission street to he will lemon - we totally agree with you if you carefully look at the plan we have that intention our intention to further sdpfd that property and hopefully, you see that that is not only the intent but the execution of the plan. >> i see you're to do that in a twenty-four hour city i heard you that passageway is usable for 12 hours i don't want to argue about that i heard you say
11:41 pm
that i wanted to acknowledge you indeed presented that that way. >> understood understood. ok okay. >> commissioner hillis. >> if we could maybe get the overhead quibble i know it would - or the laptop rather sorry so you can see here how the project actively creates pedestrian connections through the site. >> would you go to the screen and point to them please. yeah. so obviously i'm not on the north ended stevenson stays as is the urban room is vacated, however, the pedestrian pathway and the former jessie
11:42 pm
right-of-way that as public easement and also available to over sized vehicles that can't make that turnout into mission street so again and inteshgz so that is twenty-four hour and e dom you have to reason to use that he'll it is smell i didn't and scary and we hooked jessie street to the right there will be a new pedestrian and vehicular assess way out from the current path of jessie to mission street so again now assess on jessie we think that is a really important feature of the project as you may know this district develops the volumes of pedestrian traffic and particularly will
11:43 pm
increase around the transbay terminal and the salesforce tower we opened up a lot of new pedestrian ways that will be available twenty-four hour a day by public easement >> i appreciate the delayed go through that one more time. >> commissioners that is great you brought this up and if you could had had overhead over the projector. >> oh, that is like mask the point is important it is permeable twenty-four hour a day a night view with security positions of where our - this is safe and usable and frankly i'm glad you brought it up it is not
11:44 pm
gated no physical barriers to any of this and the intention of the design and the landscape design stays fully open so frankly i'm glad it came up that is an urban place with full right of access with the first owners right to do something if at the have to in an emergency but true civic space even though it is a private space. >> i'll echo my fellow commissioners concerns about continued negotiations and interaction with fdic and the drawing of residential and commercial small-scale i think that is extremely important particularly for many of them this scale of the development is a new frontier and now at the
11:45 pm
doorstep it needs to have a lot of attention including for the person that lives on the ground floor next to the loading docks i have questions as to whether or not the liveability is the same as commissioner vice president richards said that is even still a viable option they're also approximately people are children in the building is not just oh, it doesn't matter their impacts that i think about exist with the twenty-four hour residential building no matter what you do. >> commissioner hillis. >> again, i appreciate your focus on the ground floor and the pedestrian realm and street level unfortunately a lot of us won't
11:46 pm
experience that building from the upper floors but. >> daily basis from this ground floor ground level some folks are concerned with the look and feel it is reflex i didn't but the fact that all the thoughtful that is going through you've convinced us hard to imagine we don't have a space like that how it feels but you all throughout through that extremely thoroughly and a lot depends on how it is designed in the programming which i think works extremely well as presented so you know, i think that is a great amenity for that the city and looking forward to experiencing it it certainly is better than the addition that happens in a development with open space in the building given how this area is dense
11:47 pm
phil ginsberg we've got to get creativity in providing open space you've done a great job and above the open space the transbay is above grade that has issues so i appreciate that and we don't talk about the architecture will they benefit the skin. >> i think they will i like the downtown residential design that is great attendance to detail and i appreciate all that i think that as great project and very supportive that said i think the neighbors brought up concerns he wouldn't want to be there during the construction i appreciate your willing work with them and soundproofing and
11:48 pm
how the loading dock operates so i appreciate the intent to work out that thank you. >> make a few comments i then is what our third or fourth time seeing this project for a significant project like this i think that is a great exercise and maybe we're familiar and getting down to the nitty-gritty and as far as the shaping providing an opportunity for commissioners to let you make administrations so i'm familiar and supportive that is a premium opportunity for san francisco as and talked about fewer and fewer sites to do big things and small things but here's the intent to make good and great i'm supportive like my fellow commissioners we're concerned about the neighboring building and it's tenants i think that is this project
11:49 pm
because of the scale has been able to reach to downtown and chinatown even and support those neighbors i think the equal amount of support needs to happen have not next door neighbors we have the project sponsor to come up with a liaison community outreach offline i'll not ask anyone to come up but a working group whether meeting every month because it is not going to be comfortable but the worst thing if there are surprise to notify i am supportive and i don't think there was that much more but commissioner vice president richards does have mount questions or comments. >> before i start making the motion i have a request to staff on the shadow my understanding there is a budget foreshadows the shadow will be approve under
11:50 pm
the shadow adoption within the parks you. >> they recommended to the commission to allocate that shadow to the four parks. >> great, thank you. >> i move to adopt shadow finding not having an adverse impact on the herman plaza and others for the shadow for union square st. mary's and see plaza for the project. >> second. >> commissioners take up to individually. >> commissioner moore wanted to. >> very good, very good commissioners. >> commissioner moore. >> it's okay. >> okay. >> okay. a motion there is a motion that has been seconded. >> commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore
11:51 pm
no commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes that that item passes 4 to one with commissioner moore voting against sure i move to determine there is with the planning code with the exceptions with the tower rear yard ground floor and in the district for living assess etc., etc. >> second. >> commissioners and you're referring to the amended motion. >> yes. yes. >> thank you, commissioner on that motion commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner wu excuse me commissioner moore no commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously excuse me - 5 to one with commissioner moore voting against i see i move to allocate the
11:52 pm
office space of one billion 57 thousand hundred bus plus or minus for this project. >> second. >> thank you, commissioners on that motion to allocate the office square feet commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero. >> he move to authorize the conditional use for the one hundred and 69 hotel project site and second. >> thank you to authorize the conditional use authorization commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero and lastly i move to find this
11:53 pm
project is in consistency with the general plan. >> second. >> thank you, commissioners on that motion to adopt the finding of consistency and commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore no commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes 5 to one request commissioner moore voting against zoning administrator, what say you? >> on the variance, close the public hearing and and grant the requested variance. >> thank you zoning administrator that concludes this item okay. that conducts this item we'll take a couple of minutes. >> welcome back to the san francisco planning commission regular hearing for monday, may 2, 2016, commissioners, we left off under your regular calendar on items 9 abc for case
11:54 pm
at three hundred and 3 octavia street with shading and conditional use authorization and the zoning administrator will be considering a request for variances. >> good afternoon commissioner president fong and members of the public of the commission carli grove at octavia street also known as central n and m the new construction of 3 mixed use with 24 dwelling units with ground floor retail not on-street parking parking the project is located on the east side of octavia in the hayes valley and the northern parcel m
11:55 pm
from the hickory street to the north and oak center the to the setting the project within the hazel neighborhood commercial transit zones and the height and bulk district in order to pride it requires the commission adopt the acknowledges did shadow only the property project will in the be adverse to the park it increase the square feet by .3 percent in a day and maximum shadow from 845 the rec and park commission has recommended that the planning commission find that shadows cast by the project in the adverse to the green at their hearing on october 2015 that requires the conditional use authorization to allow a monday, november 9, 2015, with fortune 40 percent two bedroom 8
11:56 pm
of the proposed 24 are two bedroom that is equal to 33 percent of the total units and finally the pardon is requesting a variance from the active use and lot size requirement the planning code allows this over streets and alleys to extend beyond the property line over the public right-of-way and in addition it extends the length permit by the planning code address the size of the projection for the stairwells are not with the code it requires the active use used for the height and debt and less than 18 feet deep if octavia and finally, the minimum lots size of new low created required lot width is 25 feet the subject lots were report without the
11:57 pm
variance and subject lots are 18 feet wide to date the department has two letters of support from the hayes valley and 13 e-mails and others opposition from the neighbors the majority of public comment is included in the can say packet and one additional e-mail pr those packets exclude the revised conditions of approval for the conditions of approval ♪ packet will spur seed what were included in the packet and included costa-hawkins and it include one modification for the design the louvers on the second story were fold one time to reduce the impacts and finally one error in the finding submission that is the final
11:58 pm
shade shoed was issued in 2015 but the department supports the project that meets the goals and objectives of the market octavia plan with the active use empowering for the in fill development and incorporates the unique design for the wall and the sponsor will provide a detailed presentation and ted rich with welcome to the people's palace is vertebral if you have questions about the market octavia plan and that concludes my presentation. i'm available to answer any questions thank you >> project sponsor please. >> so i'd like to show some
11:59 pm
slides good afternoon commissioner president fong and members of the commission my name is douglas i'm the principal and founder of envelope architecture and design and the architect of the project i'd like to two through the project history these two project sites i don't know oh, there that is - those two project sites are former freeway parcels created after the removal of 101 central freeway the project part of a be formerly refreshed my memory agency now the mayor's office of housing and community development to have some of the octavia parcels while others are market-rate with the inclusionary braufrt unit part of parcels n and m with the
12:00 am
inclusionary housing the parcels over 50 percent affordable the proceeds for the sale of freeway parcels glow back to into the neighborhood with the public space most of parcels are built with those 9 remaining unbuilt that is a cluster surrounding our project this project was the first place winner in the 2005 san francisco prices for octavia boulevard that was a competition by the planning department the organisms, sf beautiful and the hayes valley association we won the right to develop in 2007 through an rfp process shepherded i did